Hawaii US Attorney email Records

Looking for communications records between the US Attorney's office and the the District Court John Michael Seabright

Pursant to a 3 year quest for a grand jury investigation that was squashed by Federal District Judge John Michae Seabright District of Hawaii, it is requested that the US Attorney District of Hawaii provide any and all emails between any and all US Attorney District of Hawaii employes and any and all Federal Court District of Hawaii Judge John Michael Seabright’s court.

This information is to verify that an affidavit by Retired Police Detective James D Benish requesting a grand jury investigation into the murder of four year old Lacey Woolsey Ruff and the following cover up by previous court and justice departments, was presented to the US Attorney’s office as as alleged by the Federal Court district of Hawaii. Court employees. It is noted that , contrary to the courts own admission that the Affidavit was not processed to the Grand Jury has denied previous requests for access to court records citing the courts Grand Jury exemption.

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