Environmental FOIA Working Group

A project to collaborate on environmental-related FOIA requests.

The tags below are intended to help us organize the FOIA requests in the FOIA working group project. Please mark your requests with these tags to enhance the searchability of our requests.

For FOIA requests not in MuckRock - please refer to the FOIA Tracker sheet.

FOIA Request Type Tags

Requesting information pertaining to:

  • Agency Personnel

  • Budget

  • Database Schema / Contents

  • Web Content

  • Executive Order Response

  • Administrative Procedures

  • Schedules / Visitor Logs / Phone Logs

  • Information Collection

  • Litigation

  • Public Statements / Presentation

  • Guidance (Agency manuals, data protocols, handbooks, memos, etc.)*

  • Inter-agency Communication

  • Oversight

FOIA Request Subject Tags

  • Climate Change

  • Toxics

  • Fossil Fuels (Coal, Oil & Natural Gas)*

  • Renewables Energy (Hydro, Wind, Geothermal, Biofuels, Solar)*

  • Air Policy & Information

  • Water Policy & Information

  • Food & Drugs

  • Cleanup

  • Business, Jobs, Investments & Finance

  • Health & Safety

  • Educational Information

  • Land Management

  • Wildlife

  • Agriculture

FOIA Machine Requests:

*Note: parentheticals are not included in tag

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