California ICE Communications

Communications between Cali law enforcement and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement

We hope to get every communication or record of cooperation or lack thereof between California law enforcement and ICE, pursuant to California Govt Code 7283.1(c) which reads in relevant part:

“All records relating to ICE access provided by local law enforcement agencies, including all communication with ICE, shall be public records for purposes of the California Public Records Act (Chapter 3.5 (commencing with Section 6250)), including the exemptions provided by that act and, as permitted under that act, personal identifying information may be redacted prior to public disclosure. Records relating to ICE access include, but are not limited to, data maintained by the local law enforcement agency regarding the number and demographic characteristics of individuals to whom the agency has provided ICE access, the date ICE access was provided, and whether the ICE access was provided through a hold, transfer, or notification request or through other means.”

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