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New Hampshire Public Records Guide

New Hampshire Right to Know Law (RTK)

New Hampshire RSA Ch. 91-A

Signed into law 1967, amended in 1977 and 2008

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  2. The Law
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New Hampshire’s Right to Know Law is a cautionary tale of ill-defined terms. While it’s one of the states that ostensibly has the so-called “citizenship restriction,” its unclear if that refers to citizenship of the state or citizenship of the country, so it really depends on the whim of the particular officer you get. The Attorney General is generally understood to have some role in assisting requesters, but seeing how that’s never defined, the state has no functional appeals process. The law broadly apply to “any information created, accepted, or obtained by, or on behalf of, any public body,” but there’s a carve-out for “other files whose disclosure would constitute invasion of privacy.” What that means is up to each individual officer.

Two places where the law is clear, however, is the five day window, which theoretically gives it one of the quickest turnarounds of any state, and restriction against charging processing fees, which would theoretically make it one of the cheapest. However, we say “theoretically” because, as mentioned above, there’s no formal appeals process beyond a lawsuit - so if that window gets blown or an agency charges thousands in “reproduction fees,” there’s no recourse other than calling a lawyer. And while attorney’s fees can are awarded in successful cases, that same loosely defined law is ultimately up to a specific judge’s discretion.

The Law

  • 5 days
  • No formal appeal process
  • Broadly applies to “any information created, accepted, or obtained by, or on behalf of, any public body.


Definition of public records - [New Hampshire RSA Ch. 91-A:1]

The Details

Can you submit a request if you’re not a resident?

Unclear - law only applies to “citizens,” but that has been interpreted both as “citizen of New Hampshire” and “citizen of the United States”

To whom does this apply?




No, but judicial records are available under the New Hampshire Constitution Part I, Articles 8 and 22



Is there a designated records custodian?


Who is exempted?

The Governor, but gubernatorial records are available under the New Hampshire Constitution Part I, Articles 8 and 22

How can requests be submitted?





By mail?


By email?


How long do they have to respond?

Five days.

Are there provisions regarding the extension of response times?


Does the agency have to give you a tracking number or estimated date of completion?


Can they ask why you ask?

Only in regards to “statistical data sets that may contain personal information,” which can only be released for research purposes.

What enforcement?

Through the Attorney General “any person aggrieved by a violation of this chapter may petition the superior court for injunctive relief.”


Only reproduction costs can be charged.

Are there fee waivers for media requests or those made in the public interest?


Attorney’s fees - Can you win them?


Exemptions and Appeals

What exemptions exist?

Grand and petit jury records, school records, personal information, and preliminary drafts, and “other files whose disclosure would constitute invasion of privacy.”

Do they have to tell you why a portion or pages were redacted or withheld?


How much time do you have to appeal?

No formal appeals process.

To whom does the appeal go?

No formal appeals process.

Can you appeal a delay?

No formal appeals process.

Do agencies have to tell you where to send your appeal?

No formal appeals process.

What if your appeal is denied?

No formal appeals process.

Where else can you turn?


Are all appeals kept officially?

No formal appeals process.



Attorneys and Law Firms

The following attorneys and law firms have practiced public records law. Names marked with an asterisk have indicated a willingness to offer pro bono services on a case by case basis.

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Request Record
111 Filed
37 Completed
14 Rejected
33 No Responsive Documents
8 Awaiting Acknowledgement
4 Awaiting Response
3 Requiring Action
11 Overdue
Allowed Response Time
5 days
Average Response Time
34 days
Success Rate
Average Fee
10.81% of requests have a fee

Top Agencies See All

Agency Requests Pages Released
Department of Corrections 199 2,288
New Hampshire State Police 101 733
Manchester Police Department 26 476
Office of the Attorney General - New Hampshire 26 306
New Hampshire Insurance Department 13 71
Secretary of State 11 1
Office of the Governor - New Hampshire 11 179
Salem Highway Department 10 18
Department of Health and Human Services 9 48
Department of Resources and Economic Development 6 184

Top Localities See All

Jurisdiction Requests Pages Released
Manchester, NH 29 841
Salem, NH 13 18
Londonderry, NH 4 4
Keene, NH 3 1
Derry, NH 3 5
Bristol, NH 3 0
Lebanon, NH 2 1
Portsmouth, NH 1 0
Deerfield, NH 1 0
Conway, NH 1 2