Thank you for 20,000 completed public records requests!

Thank you for 20,000 completed public records requests!

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When we started MuckRock, it was an experiment in a better way to file, track, and share public records requests. If we made it easier to know exactly how to word your request and encouraged people to share every step of their process, could we not only make requesters more effective but help more people start filing?

Almost a decade later, we now have 20,000 completed requests to prove our approach to transparency works. From submissions sparked by idle curiosity to wide-ranging projects leading to governmental reforms, MuckRock users’ endless creativity continues to inspire, inform, and open up government for everyone. What’s particularly excited about this milestone is how quickly it’s come. It took us seven years to complete our first 10,000 requests and then just two more years to double that.

From all of us at MuckRock, thank you to everyone who reads our work, uses our filing tools, or donates to keep us filing. MuckRock is a community effort, and we would not be here without all your support.

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We’re excited to get to work on the next 20,000 successful requests and all the stories they’ll tell. Thank you again for your help getting us here.

P.S.: Interested in helping us get to that next 20,000? We’re currently hiring an editor, development lead, and two contributor roles. Apply today!

Image via National Archives