Participate in a MuckRock Assignment and support journalists nationwide

Participate in a MuckRock Assignment and support journalists nationwide

In less than 30 seconds, you can help conduct due diligence on American democracy

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“What can you do?”

It’s a rhetorical question, said with a shrug and maybe a sigh, peppering conversations across our country. It’s also a question MuckRock takes pretty seriously; it’s why we work everyday to make it easier for Americans to access their government’s records and demand accountability.

And that’s work we couldn’t do without you and the rest of our amazing, curious community, comprised of all sides of the political and social spectrum.

Our crowdsourcing Assignments tool make it easy for anyone to contribute. Whether you’ve had a bad records experience, care about violence against women, or want to sift through some government materials yourself, there are free, simple ways you can support MuckRock’s mission to increase government accountability.

Take a look through our open calls below, and feel free to fill out and share as many as suit you!

## Dig into Documents _Wanna take a look at some of the real records in Ronald Reagan’s FBI file, the CIA’s archive, or Donald Rumsfeld’s filing cabinet? Well, now you can! Let us know what you find, and you could win a MuckRock gift!_ ** ** ** ** **


## Expose Violence Against Women _Are women in your neighborhood getting their due protection under the law? Help us find out._

## Give Us Tips _We’re constantly adding to our knowledge base of record related issues and interests, so we can help others battle their own access obstacles. Anything from the rejection you got to the appeal you filed to the story you were able to tell can help our efforts. Just send your situation our way!_ ** ** ** ** ** **


## Make the Next Great Journalism Tool _Want a more hands-on way to participate? Consider [applying to be our News Nerd]( and help make Slack more fun fo DocumentCloud and MuckRock users._

## Pry Open Prisons _The US prison system is affecting lives on behind bars and beyond. Help us learn more by sharing your experiences and issues._


## Submit a Request _Learn the companies your city invests in, find out which beverage behemoth provides perks to your college, or help us gather the policy ruling public access at your school. It’s as easy as typing a name._

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