You can FOIA selfies ... so long as they're of Paul Krugman

You can FOIA selfies … so long as they’re of Paul Krugman

“I attach three selfies, one of which, cropped (?), might do.”

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Edited by Beryl Lipton

Back in 2014, journalist J.K. Trotter received in response to a FOIL request correspondence between City University of New York and economist/New York Times columnist/cat aficionado Paul Krugman, regarding an upcoming gig at their Income Inequality Institute. While Krugman’s $225,000 salary drew significant attention, there was one email in particular that stood out for the hardcore Krugman wonks.

The one about the selfies.

In response, Trotter filed for said selfies, and the rest is #OpenGov history.

Tag yourself - are you Smiling Krugman?

Smiling Krugman 2: Smile Harder and With Less Focus?

Or Serious Krugman, perfect for when it’s time to Get Serious.

Enjoy the full Krugman experience embedded below, or on the request page.

Editor’s Note: Experts agree that in the hunt for a flattering selfie, the low-angle shot is not your friend.

Image via US Army Flickr