Government Agencies, rejoice! MuckRock is now offering transparency offsets

Need to atone for your sunshine sins? We’re here to help (for a reasonable price)

Edited by Beryl Lipton

Here at MuckRock, we understand that transparency isn’t easy - or rather, resisting the urge for secrecy is hard. You didn’t mean to shred those incriminating documents, you just redacted a line or two and things got out of hand. It happens. Which is why, starting today, we’re offering indulgences for your sunshine sins - MuckRock Transparency Offsets.

Simply pick a tier appropriate for your opacity oopsies, and for a reasonable fee, MuckRock’s crack team will ensure there’s enough excess openess for you to break even - and maybe even sleep at night! *

* Offer of Sleeping At Night Void in Washington, DC, Langley, Virginia, and Wherever Kissinger Is Living These Days

Image via Wikimedia Commons