The Second Annual Foilies are here - submit your strangest public records experience

The EFF and MuckRock want to hear your FOIA horror stories

Written by JPat Brown
Edited by Michael Morisy

Everyone in the world of public records has at least one experience that’s straight out of Kafka - maybe the agency gave an estimated completion date of next century, or the “responsive documents” turned out to be a couple hundred blank pages.

In that spirit of commiseration, MuckRock is proud to announce that we’re partnering again with EFF for the second-annual “Foilies” Awards.

Winners from last year included the DEA’s $1.4 million fee estimate and Brad Heath’s infamous “FBI retirement party” photoset.

Send nominations to with “FOILIES 2015 NOMINATION” in the subject line before February 15th.

Image via Brad Heath