"Air Force Cyber Vision 2025" outlines goals for next-gen "cyber-warriors"

“Air Force Cyber Vision 2025” outlines goals for next-gen “cyber-warriors”

Agency wants quantum processors and self-healing code in the next 10 years

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In late 2013, MuckRock’s Shawn Musgrave requested a copy of the Air Force’s Cyber and Information Technology Research Investment report, which the agency was required to compile and submit to congress. Last March, that report came in, detailing where the Air Force wants its tech to be by 2025.

Think Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, but with fewer robot-arms and more multi-level virtualization platforms.

Cyber Warriors Although the report is at times borderline incomprehensible in its freewheeling use of jargon - take a stab at this paragraph, for example:

Jargon - a few things stand out, in particular the division of research into four separate "core technical competency" areas, each with their own Short-Term (FY13-FY16), Mid-Term (FY17-FY20), and Far-Term (FY21-FY25) goals. Some of the Far-Term goals are especially impressive, such as the Air Force's plan to have quantum processors by 2025:

Quantum And on the subject, here's hoping that "self-healing code" isn't nearly as sinister as it sounds:

Self-Healing Read the full report on the [request page](https://www.muckrock.com/foi/united-states-of-america-10/report-on-cyber-and-information-technology-research-investments-9696/#), or embedded below:

*Image via [U.S. Air Force](http://www.airforce.com/careers/detail/cyber-surety/)*