We need an estimated 25 business days to provide an estimated completion date

NYC lawyers say they need over a month to provide an estimated completion date for public records request

Written by Zack Sampson
Edited by Michael Morisy

The City of New York’s Law Department says it will need five weeks to work on a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request. In this time, officials might determine an answer. Or they might just figure out how long it will really take.

A records officer wrote: “We are investigating your request. We will require twenty five business days in which to reach a determination or an estimate of the time required to reach such a determination.”

If that’s all a bit confusing, here’s a simpler version: The Law Department needs about five weeks to review the request. That review might produce a records response, or it could just lead to an official estimate of how long it will take the department to eventually respond for real.

In other words: Hold tight. They’ll get back to us, at some point.

Image via Wikimedia Commons and is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0