Police badge with the outline of New York state in side of it with a blue and red background

Were you treated unjustly by police in New York? Are you a former officer with a story to tell? We want to hear from you.

A new investigation by a team of journalists reporting for MuckRock and New York Focus offers a first-of-its-kind look at how these ‘peace officers’ in New York City’s Department of Homeless Services are held accountable — and how long their behavior can go unchecked.

Previously-unreleased disciplinary files show that it often takes DHS a half a year or more to formally suspend officers found guilty of misconduct. Those who do land a timely suspension tend to be back at work within a month.

Now, we want to hear from New Yorkers about their experiences with law enforcement agencies across the state and to speak with officers who have been unjustly affected by the actions of their colleagues, supervisors, and departments.

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