New Q&A section allows users to collaborate and strategize on requests

Now you can post a question, offer advice in reply and help fellow users exercise their open records rights!

Written by Shawn Musgrave

Requesting public records and government documents can be an intimidating process. Between determining the appropriate agency, drafting successful language and communicating with records custodians to perfect the request, it can seem daunting to exercise your Freedom of Information and open access rights. MuckRock’s new Q&A wiki capitalizes on our veteran users’ wealth of public records experience. MuckRockers have successfully completed nearly 600 requests to date accounting for more than 66,000 pages of released government documents. They’ve submitted requests to every level of government in every state, and have tackled any number of obstacles in their bid to keep their government agencies accountable and transparent.  On the new Q&A page, users can share their questions about FOIA and public records or particular projects or reply to posts from fellow MuckRockers. The wiki allows users to crowdsource FOIA puzzles, collaborate on solutions and collectively advance transparency and open government.