MuckRock Podcast: The Feynman Files

MuckRock Podcast: The Feynman Files

A new way to experience the amazing stories documents have to tell

For the past few months, we’ve taken a small team at MuckRock aside to work on a special project unlike anything we’ve ever done. Today, I’m excited to share the results: The MuckRock podcast, season 1, episode 1.

This new series is produced by Bradley Campbell, and all of us here at MuckRock are incredibly excited to share a wide range of amazing stories over the next few months, all told through the power of public records and expert sound production.

For the first podcast episode, we revisited one of our early stories: A look at the life and times of Richard Feynman, as told through his FBI files. Robert Hovden, author of the original article, joined us again for the podcast. Without further ado:

MuckRock, Episode 1: THE FEYNMAN FILES