U.S. Attorney General records re: Lloyd Blankfein, Timothy Geithner, Henry Paulson, et-al.. (Department of Treasury)

HM Elizabeth Sherry filed this request with the Department of Treasury of the United States of America.
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Multi Request U.S. Attorney General records re: Lloyd Blankfein, Timothy Geithner, Henry Paulson, et-al..
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From: HM Elizabeth Sherry

To Whom It May Concern:

Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, I hereby request the following records:

This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act. I hereby request the following records:
Any and all files, court records and legal proceedings memorandums, dispositions or current criminal status at any and all courts of record on file with the U.S. Government and particularly U.S. Attorney General's Office and as pertains to legal proceedings of Wednesday, the 16 December 2009, and which implicated various Interpol Agency and International Court of Justice (ICJ) Den Hague Cite, Holland, Europe initiated mass arrests of the following: Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, former U.S. Treasury Secretaries Timothy Geithner and Henry Paulson, et-al...

See also prior documentation related to this past (and current) chain of events:

The requested documents will be made available to the general public, and this request is not being made for commercial purposes.

In the event that there are fees, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I look forward to receiving your response to this request within 20 business days, as the statute requires.


HM Elizabeth Sherry

From: Department of Treasury

Dear HM Elizabeth Sherry,

The status of your DO FOIA request #2024-FOIA-00332 has been updated to the following status 'Received'. To log into the Treasury FOIA Public Access Link click on the Application URL below.


Department of Treasury

From: Department of Treasury

Dear HM Elizabeth Sherry,

Case Number 2024-FOIA-00332 has been assigned to the request you submitted. In all future correspondence regarding this request please reference case number 2024-FOIA-00332.
Department of Treasury

From: Department of Treasury

Good morning:
The email concerns your recent Freedom of Information Act request to the Treasury’s Departmental Offices, dated 03/11/2024.
We need additional information from you before we can begin processing your request. Please review the attached letter.
Please reply to this email and provide the information we have requested. Alternatively, you may reply to this email to schedule a time to discuss your request with me.
Thank you,
Cawana Pearson
Cawana.Pearson@treasury.gov FOIA@treasury.gov

From: HM Elizabeth Sherry

To clarify matters re: Lord Peter or Lloyd Blankfein and his framing of or Hit-Jobbes upon firstly former NYC Mayor Michael "Mike" Bloomberg or Bloomie:

1.) Proofs of existence of actual not rumour mill, but indeed truthfully verified KFCIA �? Syndikate Anti-Semitic Jüdisches Gefiltes Fishes Bitty Sandwiches Cannibal-Corpse Forced Feedings Frenzies out of disgusting, hideous D'Agostino Markets of NYC, northern New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts.

2.) Be also aware of former Skull & Bones Syndicate KKK front-company Ivar's Clams Conglomerate at MLB New York Mets, San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Angels, Seattle Mariners, Florida Marlins, Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants, Oakland A's Teams Ballpark franchises, and Mi-Butteras Butter Stillteskynnes Hashish Narco-Terreur, and via Seattle Piers of Washington State, USA.

Who was or what happened with Jorge Iván Gastélum Ávila!?!

3.) GITMOSES GITMO MAGGIE'S FARM SYNDIKATTES at Swedish Ikea Pantry Lingonberry Jam Gas Guzzling HOOCHIES MAMAS and HUSSIES GALORES, WE BE LITTY TONITE NITE IS THE RITES THYMES VAMPIRE Bloodmeal Rings and La Coronas Novemes Syndicate and Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Satanic Panic Attacks.

Note Toronto Dominion and Christian Science Reading Room subber of Church of Scientology.

4.) ROSICRUCIANS REDRUM RUBICONTES CONTRA AFFAIRES VAT TAXATIONS REMANDERS CASINO MAGNATES at Goldman Sachs Locales situated or ensconced with European Union Offices at City of London Corporation.

See also proofs of status as THELEMA Syndicate Sorcerer Warlock associate of deceased Harry Potter Heir Karl Maria Wiligut.

Note Trojaburg Publishing House of Berlin, Germany; Berserker - Berzerker Fascismus.

5.) Umberto Anastasia Autopsy Report.


From: Department of Treasury

Good morning,

Thank you for contacting our office. Please note that your response to our letter seeking clarifications does not provide the additional information required to conduct a search.
We are not able to process your request as written.

Thank you,


From: HM Elizabeth Sherry

Hello Cawana at U.S. Treasury,

As a British Sovereign, I am releasing this intelligence and pertinent information:

Please be advised that Master Intelligence Commander Mrs. Claire Sterling, whom is the author of "Thieves World", was called in to testify against former U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Edison, NJ Bureau Section Chieftain Mr. Henry "Hank" Paulson. She was for a long while, attached to the offices of British-Egyptian Mission Impossible Mi-88 Intelligence Agency, which remains headquartered in Cairo, Egyptian Mesopotamia.

The timeframe of records for Mrs. Sterling's testimony at U.S. Treasury legal proceedings, re: Dictator or Despot Hank Paulson and his impersonations interlocutions of former Republican U.S. President George H. W. "Papi" Bush entails late February 1965 through early June 1995.


From: Department of Treasury

FOIA Tracking Number : 2024-FOIA-00411

Good afternoon,

I received your communication attached attempting to narrow the scope of your request.  I'm still not able to process your request as written.   I do not know what program office in Treasury would maintain the records you described. Due to the age of the records y u seek, responsive records, should they e ist, would be under the purview of theNational Archives and Records Ad nistration(NARA). NA ay be able to assist you in your research outside of the FOIAprocess. For ore infor ation,please contact NARA at 866/840-1752.

From: HM Elizabeth Sherry

Dear U.S. Treasury (OIG):

Please be advised that I Myself, British-American Dutch-Canadian, etc... Queen HM Brady Elizabeth Sherry Spencer Foster Windsor Clinton Rothschildtes Di Santis, et-al... do indeed possess Sovereign Immunity. I currently reign as Pro-Tempore Governor General of The United States of America, having returned to this exalted position in late February 2024, or this past winter, and after having served in the dutifully relegated position of Deputy Lieutenant Governor General for New York State Dutch-Hollandaise Kingdom of The United States of America (USA, proper).

Be aware headquarters for Governor General of USA are situated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as well as Nazareth, Pennsylvania (or Bethlehem Borough of The Lehigh Valley), and lastly Qui-Tam Office situated rather awkwardly in Israel Country Dominion for Shephardoses Peoples (sometimes regarded as Spain), or otherwise known as Chantilly Lace Cite or Washington, DC, USA [SIC].

Note American Companies House of Washington, DC [SIC] and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with Acsession Rites of Passage Granted by Way of Edict of Pope Francis of The Roman Catholic Church Holy See of Rome, Italy and District of Columbia Corporation, Limited:

As such and in mine own position, I do now forthwith order your offices at Board of Governors for USA Federal Reserve QUINNES-TAMMANYS or Qui-Tam Officials to DISGORGE RECORDS via UNSEAL WARRANTS at U.S. Supreme Court Chambers, which are still situated in Washington, DC or Chantilly Lace, Israel.

For the record, Qui-Tam Investigations and pertinent actions therewithein are necessitated by egregious identify theft where any official is the victim of interlocution or otherwise known less formally as impersonations. In order to remediate this type of criminality, a Qui-Tam Officer intervenes to prove the validity of claims that said criminal is not in fact the person he or she claims to be. This could involve false claims torts actions where a subordinate Staffer or employee of a business owner or official (either) is fictitiously represented as having acted in bad faith or committed crimea for the Boss. Therefore, Quinnipacs-Tamnany or Qui-Tam Officials act as an intermediary to ensure government officers such as those whom work dutifully for U.S. State Department or U.S. Social Security Administration, can maintain security and safety of the identities of U.S. citizens, as well as their business interests.

Please do now forthwith UNSEAL records pertaining to, the following:

MENTALLY DISTURBED and NEUROLOGICALLY IMPAIRED PRINCIPES Retarded Arseholenes Living Largess and In Charged STATIONINGS STATUSING CRUCIFEROUSES CRUCIFIXIONS ANTI-CHRISTS (OFFICIELLES) for European Union Basketcase Trash-Ho Sir Peter Lloyd Blankfein Rothermelles (pluralities panaceas); see also lawfully accomplished dissolution of partnership from Versailles House Palace Rothschildtes Rothschild at Planet Clarionettes Clarion for French-Swiss-Dutch or British Kingdoms Monarchies and their Dominions Principalities, hence titling thereof appropriately commensurate accuracy of the naming of Blankfein as PRINCIPES RÉTARDÈS MULTIPLIÉRS MULTIPLE-MANIACS IDIÔTES BASTARDS HELLSEERS BATTEES SHITES FOR BRAINS NUTCASES once active within the God Awful U.S. Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms Agency (ATF-BOARDS GOVS) OPERATION FAST AND FURIOUS SYNDICATTOS, ETC... ENSUITES CRIMINAL OUT-SOURCING NARCO-LOURDES LESBIAN SEX SLAVERY OPERATORS.

1.) Note Peter Lloyd Blankfein proven to descend from EVIL Montezuma.

2.) KFCIA �? Kofi Annan, whom was presented once upon a time as a Nigerian United Nations Despot.

See also Lockheed Martin Defence Contractors ... Licence To Kill Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) Mind Control Maniacs at MATRIX LYCONIAS AGIT-PROP SYSTEM OF A DOWNER OR DOWNEY hidden unlawfully within Solicitors Regulation Authority of The United Kingdom of Great Britain from Sheffield, Greenland or Emeralde Country.


Note Drambuie Hit-Jobbes upon Remi-Martin ... Aston-Martin Motors at California?


3.) Note Meridien Bank Tower headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, or later rebranded Capitol One Bank, LTDE. bombed repeatedly by Hank Paulson in early April 1990 through late February 1995.


From: Department of Treasury


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Thank you for contacting the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

From: Department of Treasury

Good morning,

I hope that you are doing well. Please note the FOIA tracking number you provided in the Subject line of your email does not appear to reflect a FOIA case assigned to you.

Thank you,


From: HM Elizabeth Sherry

Dear U.S. Treasury OIG:

I hereby do appeal, re: Mobster Lord Peter Lloyd Blankfein, actual Freemasonic Reptilian Shapeshifter Crossdresser or Transsexual.


Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

Duly Signed,
British-Canadian American Queen HM Miss Elizabeth Ann Sherry, et-al... Acting Pro-Tempore USA Governor General.