Office of Antimicrobial Products (OAP) Records Related to Jan 2013 Mefloquine Meeting

Dr. Remington Nevin filed this request with the Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America.
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From: Remington Nevin

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act. I hereby request the following records:

Records from the Office of Antimicrobial Products (OAP) related to the “mefloquine meeting” held January 11, 2013 at the FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, White Oak Campus, 10903 New Hampshire Avenue, Building 22, Silver Spring, MD 20993, to include any agendas, presentations, internal memoranda, and executive summaries produced from July 2012 through July 2013, during preparation for or as a result of the meeting.

I also request that, if appropriate, fees be waived as I believe this request is in the public interest. The requested documents will be made available to the general public free of charge as part of the public information service at, processed by a representative of the news media/press and is made in the process of news gathering and not for commercial usage.

In the event that fees cannot be waived, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I look forward to receiving your response to this request within 20 business days, as the statute requires.


Dr. Remington Nevin

From: FDA



To Whom It May Concern:

I wanted to follow up on the following Freedom of Information request, copied below, and originally submitted on Feb. 1, 2015. Please let me know when I can expect to receive a response, or if further clarification is needed.

Thank you for your help.

From: Remington Nevin

Elizabeth Lee
Lead Regulatory Counsel
FDA/CDER/ORP/Division of Information Disclosure Policy

Dear Ms. Lee,

Thank you very much for your letter of February 26, 2015, in which you note your office will be consolidating my requests #2015-893, #2015-894, and #2015-895 into a single request, #2015-893, encompassing requests for responsive records from OGD, OSE, and OAP. I can acknowledge receipt of your message. While I appreciate your assistance with these three requests, I do reserve my right to appeal for constructive denial on the basis of the anticipated wait time of 18-24 months for completion.

I shall look forward to regular updates from your office as to the status of their processing and would be very appreciative if these requests would be able to be completed within the timeframes specified by statute.


Dr. Remington Nevin