Public Records Request for Officer IAD (Quincy City Clerk)

Records Requester filed this request with the Quincy City Clerk of Quincy, MA.
Multi Request Public Records Request for Officer IAD


From: Records Requester

Keeper of Records,

Please accept this request for public records, pursuant to M.G.L. c. 66, §10, and c. 4, §7, cl. 26. I request the Department produce information relating to internal affairs complaints against Quincy Police Department officers between January 1, 2010 ― April 30, 2020 including but not limited to the following:

1. Police Officer's Name;
2. Rank;
3. Badge Number;
4. Date of IAD complaint;
5. IAD Complaint # (sometimes referred to as the Complaint Control Form #);
6. IAD Case # (this is the number assigned to the IAD investigation file);
7. Nature of Charges against the Officer;
8. Results of the IAD investigation; and
9. IAD Complaint Disposition Date.

I understand this information is stored digitally therefore I request the records be provided digitally (preferably Excel/CSV) within the statutory time period of ten days.

From: Quincy City Clerk

To who this may concern,
Please find the attached responsive records pertaining to your Public Records request originally dated April 30, 2020. Please be advised that most of the records of the records sought are not stored digitally. Retrieving information for 2010-2017 required an archived records search by the IT Department and given the current interest in records of this nature, we have been inundated with similar requests.
I apologize for the delay in getting this information to you.
Stay healthy!

Lieutenant Terence McDonnell

Quincy Police Department

Inspector of Divisions

1 Sea Street

Quincy, MA 02169


617-745-5749 (fax)

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