FBI/DOJ FOIA consult (Miami Police Department)

Emma North-Best filed this request with the Miami Police Department of Miami, FL.
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Multi Request FBI/DOJ FOIA consult
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From: Emma North-Best

To Whom It May Concern:

Pursuant to the Florida Sunshine Law, I hereby request the following records:

Copies of any emails, letters, memos or other records of consultations regarding public records requests (FOI/FOIL/FOIA etc.) with either the Department of Justice, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Drug Enforcement Agency components.

I am a member of the news media and request classification as such. I have previously written about the government and its activities, with some reaching over 100,000 readers in outlets such as Gizmodo, MuckRock, Motherboard, Property of the People, Unicorn Riot, and The Outline, among others. As such, as I have a reasonable expectation of publication and my editorial and writing skills are well established. In addition, I discuss and comment on the files online and make them available through non-profits such as the library Internet Archive and the journalist non-profit MuckRock, disseminating them to a large audience. While my research is not limited to this, a great deal of it, including this, focuses on the activities and attitudes of the government itself. As such, it is not necessary for me to demonstrate the relevance of this particular subject in advance.

As my primary purpose is to inform about government activities by reporting on it and making the raw data available, I request that fees be waived.

The requested documents will be made available to the general public, and this request is not being made for commercial purposes.

In the event that there are fees, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I look forward to receiving your response to this request within 10 business days.


Emma Best

From: Miami Police Department

The Miami Police Department acknowledges the below public records request dated 8/28/2019. The City of Miami will make a reasonable effort to determine from other officers or employees within the City whether such records exist and, if so, the location at which the record can be accessed or copied or if any exemptions apply. You will be notified accordingly.

You can monitor the progress of your request under "My Requests". Again, thank you for using the Open Records Center.

Track the issue status and respond at: https://miamifl.mycusthelp.com/WEBAPP//_rs/RequestEdit.aspx?rid=12985 (https://u8387795.ct.sendgrid.net/wf/click?upn=Ow1KccipsoIsnXbuEgm-2FN5DXHknY199dNPbcwkiI7A-2BSwgUdTSvacfXqgathFyB-2Bq0ZipuTWqC3jfn-2Feim4-2B8x1TL2dGFGz4q-2Fj9UtM5Ps8-3D_mWMIGG4iNbnmqfQ2nOzZI7rObcwQvwXKzwDj3b62ZeW3u3EdkytDKAai-2FQ8f-2FAibd7l6iw7WjmqteBGZs2fFplxibboTeB7LlGbXCpVKspiqoQ4fe-2F1FO41liwFIlVQPG-2B7Frjk8Ro0aH31f3kgyA1-2FQRDJ4Ln-2BRG8rprAFy7390jJKwlTvJF1NPIy-2B9UuO9PD3E0gJrDNJasIT4VUfgf-2BEzZJBt0-2BLsL0FKHWYqOHLR39cJLn7oyMxgI2C553HsJkadhkn8bCHSkpnlv0YaU0rDMMmUkySLZZE4SkiUUp4ygVEjh1cqNdeaRp9YrPMgwHelRUW9VI7spLHc6G2PqJHcZw40mwOOTYfvo5RNfQJPR1jheSKLS-2FGCUDOmAqO-2B9IhRfyB3A99IJe5GQ9QkCw-3D-3D)

From: Miami Police Department

--- Please respond above this line ---
Good morning Ms. Best, Upon review of the above referenced police public records request, it has been determined that a search of the Miami Police Department e-mail servers is the best route to provide as many responsive documents to your request as possible. Below, please find a list of what information is necessary for the IT Search:
* Timeframe – Indicate a start date and end date for your IT Search.
* Custodians – Identify specific individuals whose correspondence you are seeking. Precise Search Terms – Provide specific terms, phrases and/or keywords that will be contained in the e-mail. Please see the Search Criteria box below and input the information for your search. Search Criteria:

Start Date

End Date

From or To

Key words \ Phrases
Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information Laws

Freedom of Information Act Please be advised that due to the extensive use of resources such as information technology and clerical staff time, the City is entitled to charge the costs incurred to run the search, review the emails for exemptions, if any, and to produce responsive emails, if any, in accordance with Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, as amended. If the IT Search yields 100 or less emails, no fees shall be assessed.  However, if the IT Search yields more than 100 emails, the hourly rate of the lowest level paralegal will be assessed dependent on how many e-mails are returned from the IT search. We look forward to working with you.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns. Thank you, Tatiana Hollant, Paralegal

From: Miami Police Department

--- Please respond above this line ---

Good afternoon Ms. Best,
This is a friendly reminder that we are pending receipt of your response to our e-mail, sent September 24, 2019, regarding the search criteria for an e-mail search. Kindly provide us with the requested search criteria to move forward with this request. If you don't wish to have an email search conducted, please notify us of same and we will proceed accordingly.
Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.
Thank you,
Tatiana Hollant, Paralegal

From: Miami Police Department

--- Please respond above this line ---

Good morning Ms. Best,
As of now, we are still pending receipt of your response regarding the e-mail search criteria for this request. Kindly provide us with the requested search criteria to proceed with the e-mail search. If you don't wish to proceed with the email search, please notify us of same and we will close the request accordingly. If we don't receive a response from you by Friday, October 11, 2019, this request will be closed.
Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.
Thank you,
Tatiana Hollant, Paralegal

From: Emma North-Best

eDiscovery software, standard with most email servers (and I can happily document the capabilities of yours) do not require specific custodians or accounts be identified to perform the search requested.

The date range may be considered between January 1, 2016 through the present.

Thank you very much.


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