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Amy filed this request with the Kennewick Police of Kennewick, WA.
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From: Amy

See attached PRA request addressed to: Kennewick Police

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From: Kennewick Police

The Kennewick Police Department has received your request and we look forward to assisting you with your public records search. Please note that the City administers public records requests in strict compliance with RCW 42.56. The City will respond on or before June 27, 2019 by either: (1) providing the record(s); (2) providing an internet address and link on the city’s web site to the specific records requested, except that if the requester notifies the agency that he or she cannot access the records through the internet, then the agency must provide copies of the record or allow the requester to view copies using an agency computer; (3) providing a reasonable estimate of the time the city will require to respond to the request; or (4) seeking clarification of your request; or (5) denying your request. IMPORTANT: Thiscommunication (and any reply) is subject to the Public Records Act, RCW 42.56.The City of Kennewick is committed to transparency in government and we willprovide our customers the fullest assistance possible when they request accessto public records. Individuals wishing to obtain public records shall submittheir requests in accordance with the City’s Public Records Policy which isavailable by visiting this link

From: Kennewick Police

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Anonymous Anonymous MuckRock News, DEPT MR 75503 411A Highland Ave Somerville MA 02144
RE: Public Disclosure Request # L001208-061919; Case #:
On June 19, 2019 the Kennewick Police Department received your public disclosure request stating: The above language (in bold) is the only information received from you relating to your request. No attachment was provided to us. Because you are an anonymous requestor, you would not receive any privileged records (such as social security numbers, juvenile offender information, confidential health records, etc.)  and the records provided to you would be suitable for public viewing/inspection. You're welcome to publish any response from my office at any time. The records I create in response to a public records request are "public" and full transparency is my goal. Thank you for any efforts you provide to assist me in meeting my goal. The Public Records Act (RCW 42.56) requires that a request be for an “identifiable record” or “class of records”. Because your correspondence did not describe the existing, identifiable records you seek from the Kennewick Police Department your request has been closed as not meeting the standards of a public records request (Status: "Not PRR"). Please address questions or concerns by your direct reply to this message or by calling me at at 509-585-4578. However, any new requests for additional information, changes to the records requested under this request and other such modifications must be submitted as a new records request. Sincerely,
Krystal M. Roe Public Records Officer
NOTE: Please be sure to review our public records policy which contains important information about how the City administers public records requests, the rights of requestors, and the obligations of each party. (via this link)
To monitor the progress or update this request please log into the Public Records Center. (https://u8387795.ct.sendgrid.net/wf/click?upn=Ow1KccipsoIsnXbuEgm-2FN3JuwNVrtzykdPzG5zQVHCdQ0iTnzPeBuOYXYD40XdxYXS8fQM6jgNETxfsCDfAD0SBx9JMvYjIWhBM2CxcP-2FOVQxqk3iDcT93q9-2FcY6rV6Z_kC5s3JwezbP13gcla9CYa0pEidkgESU4-2Btya6Q25E1bJQbdOBpYqfhg5naW78m0Yctk3NVt-2BVOyJZSeZsTqSUfshaeEeyGKR6FydibOZZsxY5r8kdlrpqnZIaZ3CawYsraBqVM-2Btw7fXEfA2qLlyLLEh4oqDqrKnt87Kg012cxe0bmQtiqKBnseM5OvFba5iB-2FO4BgJ57bawGmSZAj5KOKwWbdziJW-2FWV-2BwgiMOfHCMzxzh69AyyQPCKQQmtj9sbVbK96xdd3RzR8Hpm3V3iQQQL2G6J4-2BKhsFKmwVbWa14tkdKWqkX8XNbsqpFWNGU7d5zm0AR0t7zZG4g-2FGirtlTZ7D-2FPFh5IIYEg9nVohWncjaLaciXfvkAxWdmgZ8-2B6ZPflQbthazHYxHEhtuCJUTQ-3D-3D)


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