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Narrative Arts filed this request with the High Point Police Department of High Point, NC.
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From: Nick Szuberla

To Whom It May Concern:

Pursuant to North Carolina Public Records Law (G.S. §§ 132-1 through 132-10), I hereby request the following documents:

1. All contracts, agreements, and communications with NG Research, Persistent Surveillance Systems, and other private companies to conduct surveillance or monitoring flights over the city of High Point or to operate surveillance or monitoring equipment installed on aircraft conducting such flights, or to store, analyze, or transmit data or information collected during such flights;

2. All records listing, logging, or describing surveillance or monitoring flights over the city of High Point;

3. All records regarding surveillance or monitoring equipment carried on such flights, including its capabilities and description of the data gathered by it; and

4. All records regarding any proposal, approval, or authorization to conduct or engage others to conduct surveillance or monitoring flights over the city of High Point.

The requested documents will be made available to the general public, and this request is not being made for commercial purposes.

In the event that there are fees, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I would request your response within ten (10) business days.


Nick Szuberla

From: High Point Police Department

Thank you for submitting a request for records.
Your request security key is
309336. (https://mandrillapp.com/track/click/30938195/highpointnc.justfoia.com?p=eyJzIjoiNGpVSjNfbDZpTkFPZGpuUHlONFBhVEJDV2hNIiwidiI6MSwicCI6IntcInVcIjozMDkzODE5NSxcInZcIjoxLFwidXJsXCI6XCJodHRwOlxcXC9cXFwvaGlnaHBvaW50bmMuanVzdGZvaWEuY29tXFxcL1B1YmxpY1BvcnRhbFxcXC9JbmRleD9SZXF1ZXN0TnVtYmVyPVBSLTE1NTAtMjAxNyZTZWN1cml0eUtleT0zMDkzMzZcIixcImlkXCI6XCJjZWQ1ZjJhZWY3OGU0NWY0OTI0ZDY4ZGRjN2UzMzM1N1wiLFwidXJsX2lkc1wiOltcIjg0OTllOWIxMGMzYTc1NzQzZWE0Y2NlYjQ1OWY1ZTg4ZGM4ZDM1YTNcIl19In0) Your request reference number is
Request Number: PR-1550-2017. (https://mandrillapp.com/track/click/30938195/highpointnc.justfoia.com?p=eyJzIjoiNGpVSjNfbDZpTkFPZGpuUHlONFBhVEJDV2hNIiwidiI6MSwicCI6IntcInVcIjozMDkzODE5NSxcInZcIjoxLFwidXJsXCI6XCJodHRwOlxcXC9cXFwvaGlnaHBvaW50bmMuanVzdGZvaWEuY29tXFxcL1B1YmxpY1BvcnRhbFxcXC9JbmRleD9SZXF1ZXN0TnVtYmVyPVBSLTE1NTAtMjAxNyZTZWN1cml0eUtleT0zMDkzMzZcIixcImlkXCI6XCJjZWQ1ZjJhZWY3OGU0NWY0OTI0ZDY4ZGRjN2UzMzM1N1wiLFwidXJsX2lkc1wiOltcIjg0OTllOWIxMGMzYTc1NzQzZWE0Y2NlYjQ1OWY1ZTg4ZGM4ZDM1YTNcIl19In0)
Please have this security key and reference number available when communicating with our staff regarding your request.
Note: This is an automated email notification. Please do not respond to this email.

From: High Point Police Department

Dear Nick,
The public records request that you submitted on 11/1/2017 has been uploaded and is available for viewing in the Public Records Tracking portal.  To be able to track and view the information, you will need to click on the link to the Public Records Tracking portal above and input the reference number you received when you submitted the request, as well as the security key.  As a matter of convenience, this number and security key is located in the Subject line above. (http://mandrillapp.com/track/click/30938195/highpointnc.justfoia.com?p=eyJzIjoibEFKdmIwaC1TR2tYVnFTOV9NbmloVUdibHlzIiwidiI6MSwicCI6IntcInVcIjozMDkzODE5NSxcInZcIjoxLFwidXJsXCI6XCJodHRwczpcXFwvXFxcL2hpZ2hwb2ludG5jLmp1c3Rmb2lhLmNvbVxcXC9QdWJsaWNQb3J0YWxcIixcImlkXCI6XCJkNzM2NTIwNTIxOGU0ODYxOWU5MmE5M2MxNDNiZGM2ZlwiLFwidXJsX2lkc1wiOltcImE0YjZjYTIyZWQyYzM3YTI3ZjZjMjhmYTE2ZTIzNDgzMGJmNjM4N2JcIl19In0)
Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
Warm regards, Maria Smith Deputy City Clerk
CITY OF HIGH POINT Administration Office
211 S Hamilton, Room 320| High Point, NC 27260


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