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Five ways private prisons break the rules - and get away with it

Private prisons have received increased scrutiny in the last few years, and Inspectors General and independent investigations have found more than a few questionable habits behind one of the government’s top contracting agents.

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CIA asked if they could drop “the myth of presidential plausible deniability”

A formerly SECRET CIA memo found in the Kissinger archives shows the Agency’s lawyers arguing that they should consider dropping “the myth of presidential plausible deniability.”

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Justice Department releases damning audit of CoreCivic’s Leavenworth Detention Center

A report released by the Department of Justice yesterday details an assortment of concerns with wider implications for prisons that contract with the U.S. Marshals Service nationwide.

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NASA investigation into “stolen moon rocks” turns into the saddest short story

Through FOIA, Motherboard’s Jason Koebler managed to receive a handful of investigatory reports from NASA’s Inspector General, covering cases as weird as satellite parts ending up on eBay or a “wheelbarrow full” of sensitive documents ending up in a off-site dumpster. However, no case is stranger - or sadder - than the “stolen moon rocks.”

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The solution to the problems created by prison privatization? More privatization.

The latest report from the BOP Inspector General calls for closer oversight of contract prisons, highlighting an important shared trait with their public counterparts: the problems they face. From whole cloth outsourcing to individual ceiling tiles, the private sector is willing to help.

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