Sarah Ryley


The Memphis PD is saying that I need to submit through their site, but in order to do so, I would need proof of state residency. I was told a MUCKROCK proxy would handle this for me. Is there any way to check whether this has been done?

Thanks so much,

Sarah Ryley

Michael Morisy

Thanks! Checking into this now and a staff member will follow up.

Sarah Ryley

Thank you! I appreciate it!

Cheryl Faye

Just checking.



Koi Lolo

You furthermore stated that prior to processing my request, you had to receive a commitment to pay all fees incurred for the search and reproduction of responsive records (beyond what is supplied free of charge). happy wheels

Enrique Richard

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Sarah Ryley

I am totally confused by these responses. They seem like spam.

Alison Daewon

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