Muira McCammon

This is a bit of an odd request, but I’m filing a FOIA request related to the Department of Defense Public Web Service Desk (long story). Does anyone have advice on which specific office or agency I should submit my request to? I know I’m not supposed to file a FOIA with the DoD in general but rather “to the Military Services, Combatant Commands, or other Defense Agencies…that maintains the record(s) of interest” ( I guess I could email the DoD Public Web Service Desk and ask them where to file the FOIA, but I was wondering if anyone in the MuckRocksphere had ideas…

Jack R-W

Department of Defense Public Web Service Desk? That’s a new one. I think it would be best to email either the DOD’s FOIA office or the DOD PWSD themselves to see where they accept FOIA requests.

Muira McCammon

These are the folks you contact if you notice a broken hyperlink on the DoD’s website. I’ve been corresponding with them for months now.

Muira McCammon

Also, yes and thanks for your input! I think at this juncture I’ll need to contact the DOD’s FOIA office, because I’m truly at a loss as to where to direct the request.


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