John Mark Shorack

Hi MuckRock,

I know you have a deal of 4 requests for $20. Do you then cover any fees that the government organization requests? Because, I noticed that when you do it through the main website they say it will cost money. Do you cover the government fees if we pay for the requests through MuckRock?

Thank You,

Jack R-W

You pay for the government costs separately. Crowdfunding is an option, but you’ll probably not need it, as most requests have the fees waived, anyway, due to a variety of factors.

John Mark Shorack

Ok. Thank You.

But we are never sure, I guess. We could end up paying quite a bit for the information.?


Jack R-W

It really depends on who you are getting data from. 50 states have 50 different laws regarding public records. If you’re going after federal stuff, the fee schedule is readily available online. Most agencies will waive anything under $20 - $25.


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