Recently Filed

Title Status Agency Jurisdiction
Oakland Police Department Eviction For Nuisance and Illegal Activity Ordinance Awaiting Response Oakland Police Department Oakland, CA
Drug Free Zone Sentence Enhancements: Department of Correction, AR Rejected Department of Correction Arkansas
Drug Free Zone Sentence Enhancements: Department of Correction, NY Awaiting Response Department Of Corrections And Community Supervision New York State New York
Milwaukee Nuisance Premises Awaiting Acknowledgement City Of Milwaukee Department Of Neighborhood Services Milwaukee, WI
Crime Free Training Program: Olathe Police Department No Responsive Documents Olathe Police Department Olathe, KS
Prostitution-related nuisance abatement (Superior Court Of The District Of Columbia) Awaiting Acknowledgement Superior Court Of The District Of Columbia United States of America
Prostitution-related nuisance abatement (Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia) No Responsive Documents Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia United States of America
Crime Free Training Program: Lakewood Police Department Withdrawn City Of Lakewood City Hall Lakewood, CA
Fayetteville Police Department Request Withdrawn Fayetteville Police Department Fayetteville, NC
Crime Free Training Program: Naperville Police Department Completed Naperville Police Department Naperville, IL

Recently Completed

Title Status Agency Jurisdiction
ShotSpotter Contract (Springfield Police Department) Completed Springfield Police Department Springfield, IL
Missouri OAG Adult Pay to Stay Policy Completed Office of the Attorney General - Missouri Missouri
Cleveland Police Department, Cleveland, OH Request Completed Cleveland Police Department Cleveland, OH
Fort Worth Police Department, Fort Worth, TX Request Completed Fort Worth Police Department Fort Worth, TX
Sheriff's Use of Force/Complaints Data (Tehama County Sheriff's Office) Completed Tehama County Sheriff's Office Tehama County, CA
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, Charlotte, NC Request Completed Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Charlotte, NC
Nuisance Ordinance Information Request Completed Baltimore County Police Department Baltimore County, MD
Crime Free Training Program: Sioux Falls Police Department Completed Sioux Falls Police Department Sioux Falls, SD
Crime Free Training Program: Escondido Police Department Completed Escondido Police Department Escondido, CA
Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, Pittsburgh, PA Request Completed Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Pittsburgh, PA
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