Words Golpeflix and images from social media

How Brazilian journalists tapped DocumentCloud’s AI tools to analyze tens of thousands of social media posts

Join us on March 1 to hear how Brazilian newsroom Aos Fatos parsed large volumes of social media updates to report powerful stories. Aos Fatos received a Gateway Grant that allowed them to create an archive of the millions of data points collected from social media networks following a coup attempt in January 2023. The team archived social media footage to build a multi-media time capsule (Golpeflix) of an event that was pivotal in Brazilian politics, while permanently preserving the data on DocumentCloud and Filecoin.

The team consolidated their document collection on DocumentCloud and opened access to their dataset to dozens of other researchers and journalists. The partners used the archive to tell stories about the coup and tapped large language models (LLMs) to analyze the full data set for core themes. The team from Aos Fatos will show off their technical work and storytelling, and we’ll leave plenty of time for questions. Whether you want to know exactly how they did it, or you’re looking for ideas, this will be an inspiring deep dive into the technical and storytelling aspects of the project.