What’s the state of state public records law?

What’s the state of state public records law?

Explore our four-part series detailing crucial aspects of state records law

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Edited by JPat Brown

Over the last nine months, our FOIA Fellow Jessie Gomez has been looking at public records law across the nation through our State of State Public Records Law project. Today, we’ll be exploring the major takeaways from her reporting.

Primarily, our coverage has dealt with ambiguities within records law, barriers to access, legislative efforts to reform state records law, and the notable players that have made transparency a reality. Our series will take a look at all of these components and their contributions to your state’s law.

Join us as we take the pulse on records law as a whole!

Part One: Barriers to access

Part Two: Legislative reform

Part Three: Transparency advocates

Part Four: Public interest


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