Browse through a recent shipment sent to the International Space Station

Browse through a recent shipment sent to the International Space Station

In space, no one can FOIA your ice cream

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Last November, Orbital ATK sent a 7,400 pound shipment of supplies up to the International Space Station. For the crew, it meant fresh clothes, new food, and new tools to continue on their research. After a FOIA request, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration provided an inventory of everything that went up, which provides a fun look into mix of high tech and mundane that keeps the astronauts going.

Some details were missing, however. For example, while early articles noted the excitement around pizza and ice cream, exactly what kind of pizza and ice cream, or even how much, was missing in the provided documents, presumably bundling those items under general food stuffs or care packages.

What is in there is still fascinating to explore, though.

Among the items sent up among the heavens:

  • Five Moleskin Notebooks
  • 36 bottles of shaving cream (A mix of Edge Gel and something called “Ziplock, Shaving Cream”)
  • 213 shirts, including an Olympic t-shirt and some stylish Uniqlo gear
  • One chewing gum kit
  • Six sticks of Right Guard deodorant
  • Four fanny packs
  • A Russian, Vietnamese, and Japanese flag, plus four Japan Russia Year flags
  • So. Many, Ziplock bags.

Explore the full inventory for yourself below, or view the original release on the request page (the original spreadsheet includes some details that did not convert into the below viewer).

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