Get ready for a long winter with the MuckRock Fall Swag Sale

Get ready for a long winter with the MuckRock Fall Swag Sale

Get your hands on three new limited-edition items

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Important note: Orders for hoodies and magnets will not be shipped until after Christmas, sometime around the 27th. Orders for mugs submitted by the 21st should go out in time to arrive by the holiday.

As America braces for winter, we reached into the MuckRock vault to bring out some new and exciting swag for the FOIA hero in all of us. In the limited edition MuckRock Fall Swag Collection 2016, we’ve got brand new throwback hoodies, magical mugs, and a set of magnets that are the perfect office companion or stocking stuffer.

These limited edition items won’t be around forever, but if you order in the next week or so, they should arrive by Christmas. Please Note: Product images are for illustrative purposes and ctual products will vary in size, color, and texture, but will be something you’re proud to own and money-back satisfaction guaranteed.

Throwback Hoodies

MuckRock’s logo wasn’t always the friendly blue-and-white you know and love today. Sure, we’ve cleaned up now, but the logo for America’s Favorite FOIA Site™ has a bad-boy past: red and black. With the help of a team of researchers and art historians, we’ve painstakingly restored the original logo and incorporated it into our latest seasonal swag: The MuckRock Throwback Hoodie. Built thicker to keep you warm through a long winter, the Throwback Hoodie is locally designed and assembled to help ensure that no matter the weather, you’re ready to bring the FOIA.

Magical Unredacting Mug

For many FOIA requesters, transparency always requires one key ingredient: caffeine. Now you can get a jumpstart in your transparency efforts with some help from our magical, hand-painted Unredacting Mug. Emblazoned with a mysterious message from the Framers themselves, you’ll get a little reminder about the importance of a government accountable to the people every time you fill up. (Mug also works with non-caffeinated beverages.)

MuckRock FOIA Poetry Magnets

There’s a weird artistic beauty to many FOIA documents, and now we want to help you bring that beauty into your own kitchen, office, or wherever else you have a flat service that magnets will stick to. Introducing the MuckRock FOIA Poetry Magnets. A hand-selected collection culled from exemptions you love to hate, classic releases, and other nods to the FOIA process, this collection is two magnetic sheets of about 100 words and phrases. Includes both MuckRock and FOIA Machine logo magnets.

If you want to support MuckRock but don’t want anything in return, our donation page accepts credit card and bitcoin, and donations are 100% tax deductible.

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