Subscribe to any request or MuckRock user via RSS

RSS is dead, long live RSS

Written by Michael Morisy
Edited by JPat Brown

At MuckRock, we love open standards, particularly open standards that make it easier to share interesting government information. So we’ve made it easier than ever to follow requests however you’d like.

We’ve added four new types of ATOM feeds to subscribe to requests however you’d like.

On every user page, you can now:

  • Subscribe to a user’s new requests.
  • Subscribe to a user’s completed requests.
  • Subscribe to all updates to a user’s requests.

On each request page, you can now:

  • Subscribe to all request updates.

You can still register a free community account and subscribe to any request with a single click, and get updates emailed right to your inbox.

This has been a regular request from our users, and something we’ve been waiting for, too. Let me know how you use it, or send other feedback to

Image via Wikimedia Commons