Freedom of the Press Foundation recognizes MuckRock for innovative investigative journalism

Helps crowdfund site to expand on transparency mission

Written by Michael Morisy

Typically, MuckRock tries to follow the old maxim, “Report the story, don’t be the story,” but today I wanted to share some good news: The Freedom of the Press Foundation has graciously chosen us as one of four organizations to receive funding through its inaugural crowdfunding campaign.

With this campaign the Freedom of the Press Foundation, backed by media and tech leaders such as Daniel Ellsberg, John Perry Barlow and Xeni Jardin, helps spotlight and direct funding to innovative answers to a decline in investigative journalism, and we’re proud to have been highlighted in this first effort, which runs through the end of January.

It also means that if you’d like to donate to MuckRock, you can do it through the Foundation and take it the entire contribution as a tax deduction. Donors can specify how much of their donation goes to each of the four organizations, and we encourage you to support the ones you think are having a positive impact on accountability and transparency. Hopefully that includes our work here at MuckRock.

Dan Kennedy interviewed me for a piece explaining a little bit more about our involvement with the Foundation at Nieman Lab, and the New York Times covered the Foundation’s launch.

If you support the work you see here, and would like to help us expand and tackle even bigger projects, we encourage you to donate today, or register for a MuckRock account yourself and file a request that matters to you.

Image via Freedom of the Press Foundation