U.S. Army - AR 40-583 microwave radiation hazards

Helena J. Csorba filed this request with the U.S. Army - Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1 of the United States of America.
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From: Helena J. Csorba

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act. I hereby request the following records:

- Please provide a copy of AR 40-583 as published by the U.S. Army "Hazards to Health from Microwave Energy".

The requested documents will be made available to the general public, and this request is not being made for commercial purposes.

In the event that there are fees, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I look forward to receiving your response to this request within 20 business days, as the statute requires.


Helena J. Csorba

From: Helena J. Csorba

These are the documents I was looking for:
4 October 1971
Bibliography of Reported Biological Phenomena ('EFFECTS') and Clinical Manifestations Attributed to Microwave and Radiofrequency Radiation
by Zorach R. Glasser, Ph.D. LT, MSC, USNR

21 March 1962
RM-TR-62- 1
by John J. Turner

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Published material related to the biological effects of microwave radiation and government documents, acquired under the Freedom of Information Act, related to the microwave bombardment of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. Steneck collected the material during research for his book, The Microwave Debate.

4.0 linear feet (ca. 8000 pages)

Nicholas Steneck (accession number 91-NLF-018)


Nicholas Steneck donated to the United States of America his copyrights in all of his unpublished writings in National Archives collections. The copyrights to materials written by other individuals or organizations are presumed to remain with them. Works prepared by U.S. Government employees as part of their official duties are in the public domain.

Prepared by Jennifer A. Sternaman, April 1993
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Box 1 - Microwave Documents and Articles File
Volume I, 1964-67 (1)-(2)
Volume II, 1972-74 (1)-(3)
Volume III, 1975
Volume IV, Jan. - Mar. 1976 (1)-(4)
Volume V, April - June 1976 (1)-(2)

Box 2 - Microwave Documents and Articles File
Volume V, April - June 1976 (3)-(4)
Volume VI, July - Dec. 1976 (1)-(5)
Volume VII, Jan. - Mar. 1977 (1)-(3)

Box 3 - Microwave Documents and Articles File
Volume VII, Jan. - Mar. 1977 (4)-(5)
Volume VIII, Mar. - June 1977 (1)-(3)

Box 3 (Continued) - Publications File
Adler, E. - "Irradiation and the Pituitary-Cortico-Adrenal System", 1955
Allam, D.S. - "Conference Report: Radio and Microwave Radiations, Applications and Potential Hazards", 1969
Allen, C.E. - "Shortwave Radio therapy in Vincent's Infection", 1936
Armstrong, Kenneth - "Measuring w/Microwaves", 1978
Austin, George - "Production of Convulsions in Rats by High Frequency Electrical Currents", 1954
Bachem, A. - "Selective Heat Production by Ultrashort (Hertzian) Waves", 1935
Baldwin, W.M. - "High Frequency Current Burns in Rats", 1929
Baldwin, W.M. - "The Histologic Effects Produced in Albino Rats by High Frequency Currents"., 1929
Barron, Charles - "Medical Considerations of Exposure to Microwaves (Radar)", 1958
Barron, Charles - "Physical Evaluation of Personnel Exposed to Microwave Emanations", 1955
Barnothy, Madeleine F. - "Biological Effects of Magnetic Fields", 1964
Bateman, John - "Microwave Magic", 1977
Bell, W.H. - "Effects of Super-High-Frequency Radio Current on Health of Men Exposed under Service Conditions", 1931
Bellows, John G. - "Biochemistry of the Lens", 1941
Bernhardt, J. - "Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields, " 1979
Bernhardt, J. - "The Direct Influence of Electromagnetic Fields on Nerve- and Muscle Cells of Man Within the Frequency Range of 1 HZ to 30 MHz", 1979
Bernhardt, J. - "Properties of a Three-Terminal Bridge for Dielectric Measurements of Biological Materials with a Well Defined Sample Field from 20 Hz to 500 kHz", 1971
Bernhardt, J.H. - "Strahlenwirkungen, Strahlenschaden und deren Vermeidung", 1980
Bernhardt, J. - "Dielectric Measurements of Nitellopsis obtusa Cells with Intracellular Electrodes", 1973
Bernhardt, J. - "On the Generation of Potential Differences across the Membranes of Ellipsoidal Cells in an Alternating Electrical Field", 1973
Bibliography of Selected Rand Publications, 1981
Bierman, William - "The Therapeutic Use of Short Wave Currents", 1935
Boyle, A.C. - "The Effects of Micro-Waves: A Preliminary Investigation", 1950

Box 4 - Publications File
Boysen, John Edward - "The Biological Effects of Electro Magnetic Radiation", 1951
Boysen, John - "Hyperthermic and Pathologic Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation", 1953
Brody, Sidney - "The Operational Hazard of Microwave Reflection", 1953
Buchanan, Archibald R. - "Biomedical Effects of Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation", 1961
Burner, Alvin - "Biological Effects of Microwaves: Future Research Directions", 1968
Carpenter, C.M. - "Effect of Heat Produced by an Ultra-High Frequency Oscillator on Experimental Syphilis in Rabbits", 1930
Carpenter, Russell - "Evidence for Nonthermal Effects of Microwave Radiation", 1971
Carpenter, Russell - "Experimental Study of the Biological Effects of Microwave Radiation in Relation to the Eye", 1962
Carpenter, Russell - "Microwave Radiation", 1977
Carpenter, Charles M. - "Production of Fever in Man by Short Radio Waves", 1930
Chaffee, E.L. - "Physics of High Frequency Currents as Used in Medicine - Diathermy, Radiothermy, and the Electric Knife", 1935
Christie, Ronald V. - "An Experimental Study of Diathermy", 1928
Clark, John W. - "Effects of Intense Microwave Radiation on Living Organisms", 1950
Clark, John - "Effects of Intense Microwave Radiation on Living Organisms", 1950
Clark, William - "Microwave Diathermy in Ophthalmology, " 1952
Cleary, Steven F. - "Analysis of the Exposure Levels and Potential Biologic Effects of the PAVE PAWS Radar System", 1979
Cleary, S.F. - "Cataract Incidence in Radar Workers", 1965
Cleary, Stephen - "Considerations in the Evaluation of the Biological Effects of Exposure to Microwave Radiation", 1970
Cleary, S.F. - "Lenticular Changes in Microwave Workers", 1966
Cogan, David G. - "Cataracts and Ultra-High-Frequency Radiation", 1958
Cogan, David - "Lesions of the Eye from Radiant Energy", 1959
Cornelio, Francesco - "Le onde corte in Medicina"
Cornelius, W.A. - "Biological Effects of Microwave Radiation - A Review", 1979
Cornelius, W.A. - "Recommended Permissible Levels for Exposure to Microwave and Radiofrequency Radiation", 1979
Coulter, John S. - "Heating of Human Tissues by Short Wave Diathermy", 1936
Coulter, John S. - "Short Wave Diathermy", 1936
Crooks - "High Intensity Radiation Produces Convulsions, Death in Monkey", 1959
D'arsonval - "Influence de L'electricite sur la cellule Microbienne", 1893
Daily, Eugene - "Clinical Study of the Results of Exposure of Laboratory Personnel to Radar and High Frequency Radio", 1943
Daily, Louis - "The Effects of Microwave Diathermy on the Eye", 1950
Daily, Louis - "Effects of Microwave Diathermy on the Eye of the Rabbit", 1952
Daily, Louis - "Influence of Microwaves on Certain Enzyme Systems in the Lens of the Eye", 1951
Davis, Leroy D. - "Bibliography of the Biological Effects of Magnetic Fields", 1962

Box 5 - Publications File
Deichman, William - "Biological Effects of Microwave Radiation of 24, 000 Megacycles", 1966
Deichmann, Wm. B. - "Effect of Microwave Radiation on the Hemopoietic System of the Rat", 1964
Deichmann, William B. - "Effects of Environmental Temperature and Air
Microwave Documents and Articles - Volume Exchange on Survival of Rats Exposed to Microwave Radiation of 24, 000 Megacycles", 1959
Deichmann, William B. - "Microwave Radiation of 10 mw/cm", 1961
Deichmann, Wm. B. - "Relation of Interrupted Pulsed Microwaves to Biological Hazards", 1959
Dutta, S.K. - "Genetic and Cellular Effects of Microwave Radiation", 1980
Einhorn, Ira - "A Disturbing Communique", 1977
Ely, T.S. - "Heating Characteristics of Laboratory Animals Exposed to Ten-Centimeter Microwaves", 1964
Epstein - Consumer Health and Product Hazards", 1974
Follis, Richard H. - "Studies on the Biological Effect of High Frequency Radio Waves (Radar), 1946
Frey, Allan - "Auditory System Response to Radio Frequency Energy", 1961
Frey, Allan - "Behavioral Biophysics", 1965
Frey, Allan - "Biological Functions Influenced by Low-Power Modulated RF Energy", 1971
Frey, Allan - "Brain Stem Evoked Responses Associated with Low-Intensity Pulsed UHF Energy", 1967
Frey, Allan - "Human Auditory System Response to Moculated Electromagnetic Energy", 1962
Frey, Allan - "Human Response to Very-Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Energy", 1963
Frey, Allan - "Some Effects on Human Subjects of Ultra-High-Frequency Radiation", 1963
Gandhi, Om P. - "State of Knowledge for Electromagnetic Absorbed Dose in Man and Animals", 1980
Gersten, Jerome - "Effect of Microwave Diathermy on the Peripheral Circulation and on Tissue Temperature in Man", 1949
Glaser, Zorach - "Biomedical Aspects of Radio Frequency and Microwave Radiation", 1976
Goldman, N. - "Role of Occupational Hazard: Definitions in the Establishment of Microwave Standards", 1982
Gournay, Luke S. - "Conversion of Electromagnetic to Accoustic Energy by Surface Heating", 1966
Graves, H.B. - "Biological Effects of 60-Hz Alternating-Current Fields: A Cheshire Cat Phenomenon?", 1978
Gunn, Samuel A. - "The Effect of Microwave Radiation on Morphology and Function of Rat Testis", 1961
Guy, Arthur - "Non-ionizing Radiation: Dosimetry & Interaction", 1979
Hall, W. - "A Study of Experimental Heat-Stroke", 1927
Halphen, A. - "A New Form of D'Arsonvalization the Short Waves", 1933
Heller, J.H. - "Effect of Radio-Frequency Fields on the Zeta-potential of a Colloidal Suspension", 1963
Herrick, J.F. - "Certain Physiologic and Pathologic Effects of Microwaves", 1953
Hicks, Robert Alan - "The Biologic Action of Ultrahigh Frequency Currents", 1932
Hill, Leonard - "Effects of the High-Frequency Field on Some Physiological Preparations", 1936
Hines, H.M. - "Possible Industrial Hazards in the Use of Microwave Radiation", 1952
Hirsch, Frederic G. - "Bilateral Lenticular Opacities Occurring in a Technician Operating a Microwave Generator", 1952
Hollander, Joseph L. - "Changes in Joint Temperature Produced by Diseases and by Physical Therapy", 1949
Hollander, Joseph L. - "The Influence of Physical Therapy Procedures on the Intra-Articular Temperature of Normal and Arthritic Subjects", 1949
Holmes, Geoffrey - "Discussion on Short-Wave Therapy", 1937
Holmquest, H.J. - "Inductothermy", 1936
Hoptman, Julian - "External Biological Factors Related to Stress", 1961
Horvath, Steven M. - "Heating of Human Tissues by Micro Wave Radiation", 1948
Horvath, Steven M. - "Intra-Articular Temperature as a Measure of Joint Reaction", 1949
Hosmer, Helen - "Heating Effects Observed in a High Frequency Static Field", 1928
Hughes, M.S. - "Special Aspects of Aviation Occupational and Environmental Medicine", 1976
Hutt, B.K. - "The Influence of Microwave Irradiation on Bone Temperature in Dog and Man", 1952
Imig, C.J.; - "Testicular Degeneration as a Result of Microwave Irradiation", 1948
Ivanoff, B. - "Effets des microondes sur la reponse immunitaire cellulaire de la Souris Swiss", 1979
Jacobsen-Hosoi - "High Frequency and Morphology", 1931
Johnson, C.C. - "Research Needs for Establishing a Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Standard", 1973
Justesen, Don - "Behavioral and Psychological Effects of Microwave Radiation", 1979
Justesen, Don - "Microwaves & Behavior", 1975
Kahler, H. - "Nature of the Effect of a High-Frequency Electric Field Upon Paramaecium", 1929
Kalant, H. - "Physiological Hazards of Microwave Radiation", 1959
Kinoshita, J.H. - "Biochemical Changes in Microwave Cataracts", 1965
Knauf, George M. - "The Biological Effects of Microwave Radiation on Air Force Personnel", 1958
Knauf, George M. - "Industrial Medical Problems in an Electronic Research Center", 1958
Knauf, George - "Microwave Exposure and Missile Propellants as Occupational Health Problems", 1960
Koslov, Samuel - "Radiophobia: The Great American Syndrome", 1979
Krusen, Frank Hammond - "Short Wave Diathermy", 1935
Krusen, Frank - "Staff Meetings of the Mayo Clinic", 1947

Box 6 - Publications File
Leary, Frank - "Researching Microwave Health Hazards", 1959
Leggett, Nickolaus - "How Safe is Your Ham Shack?", 1978
Lerman, Sidney - "Radiation Cataractogenesis", 1962
Liburdy, Robert - "Effects of Radio-frequency Radiation on Inflammation", 1977
Liburdy, Robert - "Radiofrequency Radiation Alters the Immune System", 1979
Lidman, Bernard - "Effect of Radar Emanations on the Hematopoietic System", 1945
Liebesny, P. - "Athermic Short Wave Therapy", 1988
Lilienfeld, Abraham - "Foreign Service Health Status Study", 1976
Lindsay, I.R. - "A Review of Microwave Radiation Hazards & Safety Standards", 1975
Lowe, J.F. - "Disinfecting Process", 1975
Lubin, Martin - "Effects of Ultra-High-Frequency Radiation in Animals", 1960
Maack, Erich - "La Radiacion De La Energia Y Su Influencia En La Vida", 1983
MacCreight, Jean - "Biological Effects of Temperature Variations with High Frequency Oscillations", 1930
MacGregor, R.J. - "A Brief Survey of Literature Relating to the Influence of Low Intensity Microwaves on Nervous Function", 1970
MacGregor, R.J. - "Directo Mechanism for the Influence of Microwave Radiation on Neuro-Electric Potentials", 1970
Marha, Karel - "Electromagnetic Fields and the Life Environment", 1971
Marha, Karel - "Microwave Radiation Safety Standards in Eastern Europe", 1971
Mayo Clinic - "Symposium on Physiologic and Pathologic Effects of Microwaves", 1956
McAfee, R.D. - "Analeptic Effect of Microwave Irradiation on Experimental Animals", 1971
McAfee, Robert - "Effect of 2400 MHz Microwave Irradiation on the Growth of Mice", 1973
McAfee, R.D. - "Low Power Density Behavior Effects", 1972
McAfee, Robert - "Microwave Stimulation of the Sympathetic Nervous System", 1963
McAfee, Robert - "Neurophysical Effect of 3-cm Microwave Radiation", 1961
McAfee, Robert - "Physiological Effects of Thermode and Microwave Stimulation of Peripheral Nerves", 1962
McAfee, R.D. - "Survival of Rana Pipiens in Deionized Water", 1972
McGehan, Frederick P. - "A Problem of Growing Concern: EMI", 1978
McKinley, G. Murray - "Short Electric Wave Radiation in Biology", 1936
McKinley, G.M. - "Some Biological Effects of High Frequency Electrostatic Fields", 1930
McKinley, John, Jr. - "High Frequency Equipment for Biological Experimentation", 1930
McLaughlin, John - "Health Hazards from Microwave Radiation", 1962
McLaughlin, John - "Tissue Destruction and Death from Microwave Radiation (Radar)", 1956
McRee, D.I. - "Biological Effects of Microwave Radiation", 1974
McRee, D.I. - "Enviromental Aspects of Microwave Radiation", 1972, 1974
Meahl, H. R. - "Using Microwaves Safely", 1956
Mellon, Ralph R. - "Effect of Short Electric Waves on Diptheria Toxin Independent of Heat Factor", 1930
Merriman, John - "A New Method of Producing Heat in Tissues: the Inductotherm", 1934
Michaelson, Sol - "Comparative Studies on 1285 and 2800 Mc/sec Pulsed Microwaves", 1965
Michaelson, Sol - "Effects of Electromagnetic Radiations on Physiologic Responses", 1967
Michaelson, S.M. - "Hematologic Effects of Microwave Exposure", 1964
Michaelson, Sol - "Human Leukocyte Functions and the U.S. Safety Standard for Exposure to Radio-Frequency Radiation", 1983
Michaelson, S.M. - "The Influence of Microwaves on Ionizing Radiation Exposure", 1963
Michaelson, Sol - "Physiologic Aspects of Microwave Irradiation of Animals", 1961
Michaelson, Sol - "Standards for Protection of Personnel Against Nonionizing Radiation", 1974
Michaelson, Sol - "Tri-Service Program - Tribute to George M. Knauf, USAF", 1971
Mickey, George - "Electromagnetism and its Effect on the Organism", 1963
Mickey, G.H. - "Radio-Frequency Treatment for Breaking Dormancy and Controlling Virus Infections of Plants", 1964
Moressi, W.J. - "Mortality Patterns of Mouse Sarcoma 180 Cells Resulting from Direct Heating and Chronic Microwave Irradiation", 1963
Mortimer, Bernard - "Experimental Hyperthermia Induced by the High Frequency Current", 1931
Mortimer, Bernard - "Tissue Heating in Short Wave Diathermy", 1935
Mumford, W.W. - "Heat Stress Due to R.F. Radiation", 1969
Mumford, William - "Introductory Remarks", 1971
Mumford, William - "Some Technical Aspects of Microwave Radiation Hazards", 1961
Murphy, Alma J. - "A Comparative Study of the Temperature Changes Produced by Various Thermogenic Agents", 1950
Neidlinger, Robert - "Microwave Cataract", 1971
Nieset, Robert - "Investigation of the Biological Effects of Microwave Radiation", 1963

Box 7 - Publications File
Oldendorf, W.H. - "Focal Neurological Lesions Produced by Microwave Irradiation", 1949
Olsson, Ulf - "Animal Experiments at FOA Show that Microwaves have both Physical and Psychological Effects", 1979
O'Meara, John - "What Can be Expected from Microwave Energy", 1973
Osborne, Stafford - "Electropyrexia", 1934
Paff, George H. - "The Embryonic Heart Subjected to Radar", 1963
Pauly, H. - "Biologische Wirkungen nichtionisierender Strahlen", 1980
Presman, A. S. - "Electromagnetic Fields and Life", 1970
Rae, James W. - "A Comparative Study of the Temperatures Produced by Microwave and Short Wave Diathermy", 04/1949
Paff, George H. - "The Embryonic Heart Subjected to Radar", 1963
Richardson, Alfred - "Role of Energy, Pupillary Diameter, and Alloxan Diabetes in the Production of Ocular Damage by Microwave Irradiations", 1952
Richardson, A.W. - "Experimental Lenticular Opacities Produced by Microwave Irradiations", 1948
Robinette, C. Dennis - "Effects upon Health of Occupational Exposure to Microwave Radiation (Radar)", 1980
Roman, John - "RF Burn Hazards Aboard Navy Ships", 1974
Salisbury, W. W. - "Exposure to Microwaves", 1949
Salisbury, W. W. - "Physiological Damage Due to Microwaves", 1948
Sanchez, S.A. - "Danger. When You Transmit You Can Turn Off a Pacemaker", 1973
Schereschewsky, J.W. - "Action of Currents of Very High Frequency Upon Tissue Cells", 1928
Schereschewsky, J.W. - "Biological Effects of Very High Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation", 1931
Schereschewsky, J.W. - "Physiological Effects of Very High Frequency", 1926
Schereschewsky, J.W. - "Heating Effect of Very High Frequency Condenser Fields on Organic Fluids and Tissues", 1933
Schwan, Herman P. - "The Absorption of Electromagnetic Energy in Body Tissues", 1954
Schwan, H. - "Biomedical Engineering and Basic Research: Historical Perspectives", 1979
Schwan, Herman P. - Chapters from Unidentified Book, 1958
Schwan, Herman - "Interaction of Microwave & Radio Frequency Radiation with Biological Systems", 1971
Schwan, H. - "Microwave Bioeffects Research: Historical Perspectives on Productive Approaches", 1977
Schwan, Herman P. - "Nonionizing Radiation Hazards", 1973
Shapiro, A.R. - "Induced Fields and Heating Within a Cranial Structure Irradiated by an Electromagnetic Plane Wave", 1970
Shinn, D.H. - "Avoidance of Radiation Hazards from Microwave Antennas", 1981
Sigler, Arnold T. - "Radiation Exposure in Parents of Children with Mongolism (Down's Syndrome)", 1965
Smith, George - "Effect of Diathermy Currents on Metal Implants in the Body Wall", 1950
Sommer, H.C. - "Hearing Sensations in Electric Fields", 1964
Stuchly, M.A. - "Potentially Hazardous Microwave Radiation Sources", 1977
Szymanowski, W.T. - "The Biologic Action of Ultrahigh Frequency Currents", 1932
Taylor, H.J. - "The Effect of the High-Frequency Field on Experimental Rat Tumours with Special Reference to the So-Called "Specific Effect", 1935
Teixerira-Pinto, A.A. - "The Behavior of Unicellular Organisms in an Electromagnetic Field", 1959
Thomas, John R. - "Microwave Radiation and Chlordiazeporoxide", 1978
Thomson, R.A.E. - "Modification of X-Irradiation Lethality in Mice by Microwaves", 1965
Troyanskiy, M.P. - "On the Irreversible Biological Effects of Long-Term Exposure to SHF", 1968
Turner, John - "Effects of Radar on Human Body", 1961
Valtonen, E.J. - "Giant Mast Cells-ASpecial Degenerative Form Produced by Microwave Radiation", 1966
VanUmmersen, Claire - "Experimental Microwave Cataracts", 1965
Voss, W.A. Geoffrey - "Microwave Safety", 1972
Wacker, Paul - "Quantifying Hazardous Electromagnetic Fields", 1971
Wagner-Jauregg - "Message", 1931
Wakim, Khalil - "Therapeutic Possibilities of Microwaves", 1949
Wallach, Charles - "Effects of Cathode Ray Video Displays on Human Health", 1982
Weiss, M.M. - "Microwave Radiation Hazards", 1960

Box 8 - Publications File
Wildervanck, Albertus - "Certain Experimental Observations on a Pulsed Diathermy Machine", 1959
Wilkins, David J. "Effect of Radio-Frequency Fields on the Electrophoretic Mobility of Some Colloids", 1963
Williams, Daniel B. - "Biologic Effects Studies on Microwave Radiation", 1955
Williams, D.B. - "Biologic Effects Studies on Microwave Radiation", 1955
Wolf, Heinrich F. - "The Physiological Basis of Short Wave Therapy", 1935
Zaret, M. - "Occurrence of Lenticular Imperfections in the Eyes of Microwave Workers and Their Association with Environmental Factors", 1961
National Technical Information Service - "Biological Effects of Microwaves Microwave Documents and Articles - Volume 1", 1964-1977
Cohen, Bernice H. - "Parental Radiation and Down's Syndrome, with Particular Attention to Ionizing Radiation and Radar", 1976

Box 9 - Publications File
Guy, A.W. - "Effects of Long-Term Low-level RFR Exposure on Rats", 1980-82
Janes, David E. - "Evaluation of Health and Environmental Effects of Extra High Voltage (EHV) Transmission", 1979
Kleinstein, Bruce H. - "Biological Effects of Nonionizing Electromagnetic Radiation: A Digest of Current Literature October 1980 thru June 1981", 1982
"RCA Earth Station Bainbridge Island, Washington (Battelle Human Affairs Research Center), 1982
"Response to RCA Earth Station Draft E.I.S" (The Bucklin Hill Neighborhood
Association Other Bainbridge Islanders and Professionals in the Field of Microwave Radiation), 1982

Box 10 - Publications File
Technical Report - "Proceedings of Third Annual Tri-Service Conference on Biological Effects of Microwave Radiating Equipments", 1959


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