Public information request on regular citizens enjoying full immunity of all US laws and full protection (Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General)

Kristi Applewhite filed this request with the Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General of the United States of America.
Multi Request Public information request on regular citizens enjoying full immunity of all US laws and full protection
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From: Kristi Applewhite

To Whom It May Concern:

Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, I hereby request the following records:

This is a public information request, pursuant to Title 5, U.S.C 552 Freedom of Information Act. This request is for the safety of American Citizens and for knowledge for the public as to why certain citizens enjoy full immunity of the law, regardless of the felony crime committed, and why tax payers fund this fraud and protection, while putting themselves in danger if they are in the vicinity of that immune citizen? The public needs full information from these agencies to allow us to understand why Richard Wayne Applewhite, of 5423 bryce Canyon Court, Fort Worth Texas has full immunity of the law with full protection of law enforcement and government employees. Richard Wayne Applewhite is a true domestic terrorist threat to American Citizens. He is allowed to commit breach of computer, wire tap, hold child porn watch parties of his own sons, and likely other children. He is allowed to hack innocent American Citizens icloud accounts, gmail accounts, or any account that gives him 100% access to their phones, computers, devices, in home security systems, with FULL protection from law enforcement. He is allowed to get Verizon fiber optics 5G lines installed at his chosen victims homes, with full coverage from law enforcement. He can place routers in innocent American Citizens homes, as if he works for the government, and he can steal from their bank accounts, steal their identity to wreak havoc at work, cause them to become unemployed, destroy friendships, family relationships, take over their social media and plant horrific lies about an innocent citizen on facebook or other social media, commit revenge porn on his ex wife with FULL immunity by law enforcement. He can smear whoever he wants, put in Verizon routers at anyones home, and use goverment equipment to commit FELONY crimes. He is then fully protected by law enforcement, as if he is part of a unsanctioned black ops psychological torture program, paid for by the innocent taxpayer he inflicts these crimes on. There is forensic evidence proving he is a criminal and it is intercepted by law enforcement, then blocked from any prosecution. The Amercan public deserves to know why Richard Wayne Applewhite can slash tires, kill pets, pretend he lives at the home of the victim he picks, and then gets locksmith service to get keys, while stealing their mail, another felony. Richard Wayne Applewhite must be enrolled in a secret government program and this needs to be reviewed by a federal judge under camera review if these agencies cannot explain why a NON law enforcement, NON military, NON government worker, Richard Wayne Applewhite is also free to commit bankruptcy fraud, IRS fraud, and insurance fraud with NO investigations into his very clear fraud. His current bankruptcy his wife, Brandi Michelle Applewhite is a listed creditor. She does not work, and had no assets when they married, yet she is a creditor? The IRS and DOJ do not find it suspicious that on his last bankruptcy his wife, Kristi Applewhite was also a listed creditor? No FLAGS? I demand a full account of all mail and any communications sent to Kristi Ruth Applewhite regarding the fact that the FRAUD committed by Richard Wayne Applewhite in that he was in current divorce proceedings with Kristi ruth Applewhite and she was NOT a creditor. She did not receive any notice from the US bankruptcy court of her supposed "creditor" status, and did not get the opportunity to object to this outright FRAUD. It is now known that Richard Wayne Applewhite had full control of her devices, internet service, with his name on HER internet service and evidence via professional, certifed forensics reports that he had full control of all her devices as an adminstrator. When Kristi Ruth Applewhite reported IRS fraud, with her signature forged on tax returns, she received no response. When she reported 25K of cash hidden in Roger Lazier sr. Retirement account for the benefit of Richard Wayne Applewhite in/around his dishcharge in March 2006, and his HIDDEN Canadian company paycheck stubs of around 100K, hidden from the US government as his employer was based out of Toronto Canada and he HID his income for his bankruptcy discharge, and this was IGNORED or NO response from the bankruptcy trustee. While Richard Wayne Applewhite commits White Supremacy, and enjoys full immunity from all crimes, while african americans and the poor population rot in jail for lesser crimes and he enjoys full protection and IMMUNITY from any heinous crime (child porn) and white collar crimes ( breach of computer, wiretap, ROBBERY of bank and savings accounts of those he hacks).. The American Public needs to know why a formally diagnosed SOCIOPATH, fully known to be so by law enforcement is allowed to roam free to harm any and all American Citizens, even possibly emboldened to commit future heinous crimes such as child rape or murder? He is fully protected by law enforcement and it is time these agencies share with the American Public why DOMESTIC TERRORIST Richard Wayne Applewhite can come after ANY INNOCENT American, enjoy IRS fraud, Insurance fraud (hide all his items at brother Ronnie Applewhite or friends home, then CLAIM ROBBERY!). HE gets to sell guns on the black market like he did in Baltimore Maryland, 2004 and get away with it. For all I know, the criminal Richard Wayne Applewhite sold it to may have committed mass murder with his black market sold gun. HE may have had more than one "stolen gun' report and these agencies need to answer what title does Richard Wayne applewhite hold that he is literally free to steal, maim, murder, inflict harm on innocent children shown naked on live feed internet parties? Richard was formally diagnosed as a SOCIOPATH from John hopkins hospital psychology department, and nonetheless FREE to terrorize whomever he wants. I ask for all records of the bankruptcy of 2006, in which Kristi Ruth Applewhite is named a creditor be given to her and I OBJECT to his current bankruptcy set to be discharged on January 16, 2022. I demand to know why Richard Wayne Applewhite commits credit card fraud, IRS fraud, both common factors in bankruptcy FRAUD, in full description on the DOJ website, and they do NOT SEE his crimes? He has 2K on a 135K salary, and his wife's child support income? He can go buy any car, any luxury item, then just liquidate it with no look into why? I OBJECT to his bankruptcy and I object to the FRAUD bankruptcy committed in 2006. I ask the agencies listed give all records for the safety of the public to protect themselves from this criminal, who can harm them with NO CONSEQUENCE, and demand to know why HE IS a TRUE "WHITE SUPREMACIST" that enjoys white man privelge of BREAKING any and every law, while prisons are full of minority prisoners for robbing a lemonade stand. I will pay up to $100 dollars for this information.


Kristi Applewhite Dunaway,
750 South Main Street, # 150
Keller, TEXAS 76248

The requested documents will be made available to the general public, and this request is not being made for commercial purposes.

In the event that there are fees, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I look forward to receiving your response to this request within 20 business days, as the statute requires.


Kristi Applewhite


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