Who's calling BSEE Director Scott Angelle?

Angelle infamously gave out his personal cell phone number to skirt public records laws.

Now, thanks to Mike Masnick, we have a partial list of Angelle’s phone logs.

Help us find out who was calling him and why.

One at a time, Google each number and see if you can determine the person or organization it is likely linked with. Do each number one at a time, and then click “Submit and Add Another” if there are more numbers on the page. If not, click “Submit.” If there are no numbers, click “Skip.”

This is your 1st time responding for this data.



A quick Google search will suffice

If you don't know/have only seen a couple pages just select "Unsure"



When selected, we will note you contributed to the project and list your name next to responses marked public

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