Crowdfund Request: Colorado Oil/Gas - Randy Baumgardner

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We are asking for your contribution to a fund to force the Colorado state government to release emails between the oil and gas industry and Colorado Republican lawmakers who played a pivotal role in killing recent legislation that would have forced oil and gas companies to limit their fracking and drilling operations near schools. The lawmakers just killed that bill days only days before a deadly explosion in Northeastern Colorado that was linked to nearby oil and gas operations. The lawmakers voted down the bill after their political fundraising organization raked in more than $738,000 from donors in the oil and gas industry.

International Business Times last week published a major report on the cash flowing into the Republican lawmakers’ group:

We then requested emails to and from the lawmakers about the bill in question; emails to and from the lawmakers from their major oil and gas donors; and emails to and from the lawmakers from oil and gas industry lobbyists. In response, Colorado officials say they have many responsive records, but they are citing Colorado’s draconian open records law to declare that they will not release those records unless we pay $1,670.

Please chip in to this fund so that we can afford the public records fees and get these documents released into the public domain. These documents could shed critical light on how the oil and gas industry’s mega-donors influence public officials to kill safety and environmental legislation designed to prevent deadly disasters.

Backed by Michael Morisy, David Sirota, J Selesnick, Joseph Carangi, and 66 others.

$2,300.90 raised out of $1,920.50.

This crowdfund has ended.

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