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Ronald Reagan couldn't get J. Edgar Hoover to guest star on "General Electric Theater"

Ronald Reagan couldn’t get J. Edgar Hoover to guest star on “General Electric Theater”

Last week, we took our first look into Ronald Reagan’s recently released Federal Bureau of Investigation file and how it documented the close personal friendship between Reagan and Director J. Edgar Hoover. However, a section of the file from a decade earlier reveals a much less auspicious first encounter between the Gipper and the G-Man, with Hoover repeatedly turning down a starstruck Reagan’s offer to guest star on General Electric Theater.

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Why was Richard Nixon's FBI application rejected?

Why was Richard Nixon’s FBI application rejected?

Richard Nixon’s unsuccessful 1937 application to be a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation is a fairly well-known bit of presidential trivia. But as the Bureau’s own records show, answering the obvious corollary - why wasn’t Nixon FBI material - isn’t so easy.

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