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Congress’ secret police

After the arrest and conviction of a woman for laughing during Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing, one might be curious to see the incident report filed by the police. Unfortunately, the arresting agency, the United States Capitol Police, is a “legislative branch entity,” and therefore not subject to FOIA.

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The Senate’s final report on Iran-Contra showed extent to which the investigation had been stonewalled

While some of the inherent problems in the Tower Commission, such as Senator Tower’s conflict of interest and family ties to CIA, have been documented, the fact is that none of the government’s investigations into the matter were able to proceed without obstruction. The final report on Iran-Contra, which has rarely been seen but was found in the CREST archive, makes this explicitly clear.

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To avoid “confusion” the CIA withheld info from Senate hearing on limiting FOIA

In early December 1981, the CIA was preparing to go before a Senate Judiciary Committee with the goal of adding additional restrictions to FOIA. A memo released through CREST shows that there were concerns that in making its case, the CIA might overshare the nature of its work, which would lead to leaks, embarrassment, and even worse, a call for stronger transparency laws.

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Foresight 2020: Do voluntary gender quotas have a place in our democracy?

On the eve of International Women’s Day, we wonder whether the U.S. has something to learn from other attempts to boost gender equality in politics.

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Fact-checking Steven Mnuchin’s comments on his FBI probe

Following Mike Best’s reporting of an FBI investigation potentially involving Trump’s Treasury pick Steven Mnuchin, Senator Sherrod Brown asked the FBI to release the files and made a point of bringing up the matter during Mnuchin’s confirmation hearing. While Mnuchin’s response may not have been a lies, they were not accurate, and raises several more questions.

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