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The FBI feared that "Seven Days in May" was bad for America

The FBI feared that “Seven Days in May” was bad for America

A memo uncovered in Ronald Reagan’s Federal Bureau of Investigation file reveals the FBI’s concerns that the 1964 film “Seven Days in May,” which depicted an aborted military coup of the U.S. government, would be used as Communist propaganda - and was therefore “harmful to our Armed Forces and Nation.”

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The FBI and the case of Charlie Chaplin's stolen corpse

The FBI and the case of Charlie Chaplin’s stolen corpse

In late December 1977, Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, known to the world as “Charlie,” died in his home in Switzerland. A few months later, his body was stolen from its cemetery plot, kicking off an international corpse hunt that briefly - if dubiously - included the FBI.

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What you've found in Ronald Reagan's FBI file so far

What you’ve found in Ronald Reagan’s FBI file so far

Last month, we kicked off a crowdsourcing campaign to explore Ronald Reagan’s 30,000-page Federal Bureau of Investigation file. So far we’ve received nearly 100 submissions, and we wanted to highlight a few of the most interesting finds so far.

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Help explore Ronald Reagan's 30,000-page FBI file

Help explore Ronald Reagan’s 30,000-page FBI file

Ronald Reagan’s decades-long association with the Federal Bureau of Investigation - from his early days as an anti-Communist informant in Hollywood to the law and order governor of California to President of the United States during Iran-Contra - is attested to in his 30,000-page file, recently released to Emma Best. Due to the size and scope of the historical material contained in these pages, we’re using our new Assignments tool to start a crowdsourced project to hone in on the most interesting finds buried in the Bureau’s margins.

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Ronald Reagan couldn't get J. Edgar Hoover to guest star on "General Electric Theater"

Ronald Reagan couldn’t get J. Edgar Hoover to guest star on “General Electric Theater”

Last week, we took our first look into Ronald Reagan’s recently released Federal Bureau of Investigation file and how it documented the close personal friendship between Reagan and Director J. Edgar Hoover. However, a section of the file from a decade earlier reveals a much less auspicious first encounter between the Gipper and the G-Man, with Hoover repeatedly turning down a starstruck Reagan’s offer to guest star on General Electric Theater.

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