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FBI quietly decides all FOIA requests over 50 pages are “complex”

For years, an FBI FOIA request had to be 2,500 pages or more to be classified as large or complex. Now, without any announcement or update to the Bureau’s website, the number’s down to 51 pages.

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FOIL by inches: The slow-drip transparency of Buffalo PD

Public records requests can often turn into frustrating back-and-forths between the requester and the almighty records custodian, and one defense mechanism is providing only some of the requested documents - but maybe just enough to make the requester go away.

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The State Department has taken over three years on a FOIA request about how long it takes to process FOIA requests

What started out as a simple attempt to learn more about how the State Department processes FOIA requests has turned into a sanity-shredding saga that threatens to stretch into infinity.

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State Department to release Clinton records on date that doesn’t exist

Last July, International Business Times reporter David Sirota filed a FOIA with the State Department for all communications sent by Hillary Clinton referencing the Trans Pacific Partnership. After an initial estimate that records would be ready for release by April 30th, 2016, just last week the agency wrote that due to unavoidable delays, that would have to be revised … to November 31st.

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Semper FOIA: How a faulty hard drive delayed a Marine Corps request by nearly six years

A nearly five-year old request is put on hiatus while the most technically advanced fighting force in world takes on a malfunctioning external hard drive.

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