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Some FOIA requesters are seeing an uptick in “Still Interested” letters - here’s how to deal with them

Few things can be more galling for a FOIA requester than to patiently wait on a request for years, only to be told by an agency that if they don’t respond quickly and let the agency know they’re still interested, their request will be closed out. Here’s advice on how to handle “Still Interested” letters.

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The CryptoKids (still) aren’t alright

Three years after initial request, the NSA finally hands over records related to its youth outreach program - just not the ones I asked for.

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How long does your state have to respond to your public records request?

As part of ongoing project to document every state’s public records law, MuckRock looked at the policies governing how long an agency has to respond to a records request. While most states have clear deadlines, 10 are worryingly vague. Five don’t have any timeline at all.

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It took the CIA four years to release its policy on casual Friday

Back in 2013, MuckRock’s Mara Berg requested office apparel guidelines from several federal agencies, including the CIA. One by one, these agencies responded, and we even wrote about their respective acceptance of short pants, but true to form, the CIA kept delaying, and delaying, and delaying - until just last month, when the Agency finally released their long-awaited dress code, revealed that … they didn’t have a dress code.

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FBI continues to delay release of files on the 1981 “Octopus Murders”

We know many things about the 1981 triple murder of Fred Alvarez, Patricia Castro and Ralph Boger. We know that the bagman for the hit, Jimmy Hughes, confessed. We know that a 2010 trial was interrupted when charges were abruptly dropped and evidence lost. We know from witness statements that the murders appear to be connected to the corruption surrounding Wackenhut and the PROMIS affair. We know from FBI’s own records that the Bureau looked into the matter. And most recently, we know that the FBI has not only repeatedly refused to release those files, but apparently removed the request from their FOIA tracking system.

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