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Cambridge Police release full list of professors arrested at Harvard’s DACA protest yesterday

In a protest against the removal of protections under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), over two dozen professors and affiliates of Harvard - as well as Babson College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, UMass Boston, and Boston College - were arrested in Harvard Square yesterday after creating a human chain across Massachusetts Avenue that blocked traffic through the busy Cambridge junction.

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Surveillance awareness begins at home

Whether it be through software like Geofeedia or SnapTrends, which help police scan and correlate information from multiple outlets using geolocation information, or via their own personal profile pages, we want to know what baggage an online presence brings in this new era.

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Cambridge leads its neighbors in arbitrary public records fees

In the last couple years, the People’s Republic has adopted a surprisingly undemocratic approach to public records, charging for search and processing fees that other municipalities were willing to waive - even when the task took as little as six minutes.

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Cambridge police release use of deadly force policy

Yesterday, the Cambridge Police Department released its use of force policy. Previously, the department had said that publicly disclosing its policy would put officers at risk.

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Cambridge police refuse to release use of deadly force policy

Earlier this week, a Boston Police Department officer and an FBI agent fatally shot a man. As both agencies have released their policies on use of deadly force, the public knows the standards that the officers were taught when it comes to pulling the trigger, and how both agencies will review the shooting of Usaama Rahim. But if the shooting had taken place across the Charles River in Cambridge, the public would not have the benefit of this basic information.

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Wage Theft - Cambridge, MA

Brian Sparks sent this request to the Cambridge City Clerk of Cambridge, MA