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Requester's Voice: American Oversight's Austin Evers

Requester’s Voice: American Oversight’s Austin Evers

Austin Evers is the executive director of American Oversight, an independent watchdog that uses litigation to access documents the public is rightfully entitled to under FOIA protections. After serving as senior counsel to the State Department for transparency-related matters under the Obama Administration, Evers founded American Oversight in response to the election of President Donald Trump. Evers shared his experience in FOIA litigation and offered advice to requesters in an interview with MuckRock.

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This week's round-up: An FCC cover-up, checking out Chicago's stop-and-frisk data, and how Big Coal shapes Trump's environmental policies

This week’s round-up: An FCC cover-up, checking out Chicago’s stop-and-frisk data, and how Big Coal shapes Trump’s environmental policies

In this week’s FOIA round-up, we’ve got dirt on a Federal Communications Commission cover-up effort, long-awaited Chicago stop-and-frisk data, copies of environmental policy executive orders sent to President Donald Trump by a major coal executive, and document devouring tips from a New York Times investigative reporter.

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