Information on pages removed or altered on MuckRock

MuckRock generally works to keep information in the public domain, and will rarely remove information at the request of government agencies or individuals. However, in certain situations we work with requesters and agencies to update releases that are likely to be gross invasions of privacy or significantly endanger public safety. This page is a log of removals maintained starting January 1, 2015.

There is no centralized log of prior removals.

Keolis Snow Plan 2015

Feb. 27, 2015 12 pages were removed after Keolis contacted MuckRock with concerns that the documents included numerous personal details, primarily home phone numbers and cell phone numbers. Keolis also expressed concerns that information regarding the MBTA's gas/propane powered switch heaters could be used to harm public safety. David T. Mitrou, general counsel for Keolis, promised to follow up with the agency for the re-release of properly redacted documents the next day.