Silvia Vinas


I made a request to U.S Customs and Border Protection on December 8, and apparently it’s been going around different offices because the tracking number was changed twice. The latest communication I received was from the Office of the Commissioner saying that they don’t have the documents I’m requesting, and adding: “Suggest you check with PDO/OBP”. I asked for a clarification of where exactly I should send my request to –(PDO)Privacy and Diversity Office and (OBP) Office of Border Patrol– and why the FOIA request didn’t go to them if this is an internal office in CBP. I was told: “My FOIA requests come from a FOIA Agent via FOIAOnline. It is up to the them to assign.”\ \ On Muckrock it shows that my request is “awaiting response”, but the tracking number hasn’t changed. So I’m assuming it hasn’t been assigned to another office yet. Muckrock will automatically follow-up with the agency in 4 weeks. But is there anything I can do to find out where it is to try to get things moving a little bit faster? Or is there a way I can send it directly to PDO or OBP without having to create a new request?

I hope all this makes sense. Any insights are much appreciated!