Eleanor Rose


Anyone know how to request cables between Department of State and US embassies abroad?

I read a page saying you could only do it in hard copy by mail since you have to include a signed statement that you are who you say you are

However I now can’t find that page to check it definitely applies to cables

Anyone have experience in this?


Jack R-W

I don’t know of any rule saying that you need to do that. I went ahead and searched for Muckrock cable requests and found one with responsive documents, so I think you’d be fine. If they try to hassle you, consider it a denial and appeal.

Eleanor Rose

Thanks - yeah gotta conclude I misinterpreted the page I read. Great! Much easier online

Walton Peter

Nowadays, embassy officials use cables to describe important meeting, break down political patterns in the nations where they are based, and make arrangement suggestions. Links are effortlessly encryptable and enable the State Department to keep a perpetual record of strategic endeavors. Albeit most conciliatory links end with a diplomat’s electronic “mark,” they are habitually composed by bring down level staff members and frequently haven’t been seen by the represetative being referred to. Pay Someone To Write My Essay

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