Keith Rose

I am an activist who has been closely involved with the protests in and around Ferguson and St. Louis, MO. I have recently begun to make a series of Sunshine Law requests to the City of Ferguson and plan on expanding my project to include other local police departments that attacked and arrested us for protesting.

I am making my requests directly to the cities and police departments, not through MuckRock. But I also believe in the dissemination of information, and I wonder if MuckRock or any similar projects allow responsive records to be uploaded from independent requesters. If not, I will just look for a way to post them on one of the websites for a local protester organization.

Michael Morisy


In order to verify all the information/dates, we only allow posting of documents when the request is filed through MuckRock, but definitely would love to check out your work. is a popular place to upload documents, as well as .

Hope that helps!