Philip Schrader

Hi: I sent a FOIA request to the Navy on one of their servicemen, and got back this strange response saying that I have to specify which records, and then it says it needs clarification about the man’s affiliation with the Navy. I would assume that I would get all records they have, but from the double-speak/legalese request I guess not. Can someone take a look at the response I received and advise? They wrote; “a requester is required to describe the records sought in sufficient detail to enable an employee familiar with the subject area of the request to locate responsive records with a reasonable amount of effort. Your request does not comply with this requirement. ” How do I get ALL records on this particular employee of the US Navy. Note: The man is deceased. Thanks, Phil

Jack R-W

If you want all records, you need to specify that. Asking for “Records for George Lee Lutz” is not the same as “All records for George Lee Lutz”.