Thomas D. Collinsworth

Anyone have this experience in Texas? I’m trying to figure out what to do next…

They responded to one request but ignored the other. MuckRock already followed up once, but still nothing. What happens next? Will MuckRock contact the state attorney general? Or should I be the one to file a complaint with the attorney general?

“If a governmental body fails to respond to your request for information or request an attorney general ruling within ten business days, you may file an informal written complaint with the Open Records Division of the Office of the Attorney General. Complaints can also be filed against governmental bodies that fail to comply with an attorney general ruling. Additionally, complaints may be filed against governmental bodies if requestors believe they are being overcharged for a copy or inspection of public information. You may also file a formal complaint with your district or county attorney.“

Russ Kick

I see two requests you made to the Williamson County Sheriff, and they both have final responses on August 23. One had a “no records” response, and with the other, the records are categorically exempt from release.

Thomas D. Collinsworth

Thanks for giving a response. I didn’t know MuckRock had to mail this request in, so their replies to my requests were less than 10 business days.

To be clear, the last one is actually being appealed by the Williamson County Sheriff department as they still haven’t provided me a list of current officers. Their main exemption is for undercover officers, but they are also invoking all exemptions from “sections 552.101 through 552.158.“ Seems rather silly and a waste of time. Clearly the Attorney General should say all current officer names, except for possibly undercover ones, are public information.