Adam Smith

Hello, I’m new to this forum and site and have a question I’m hoping someone can answer. I need to request email records from a former City employee and prefer not make this request through the City’s records request staff. The emails could actually implicate the people in the Communications office who would fulfill the request so I don’t want to tip them off about my intentions. The City uses Iron Mountain for email archive data storage so I wanted to ask if anyone here has had any luck in making a public records request directly to Iron Mountain, bypassing the government organization. I’m also wondering if Iron Mountain will tip off the City about my request or if they’ll let me remain anonymous. A related question is about MuckRock and if they ever make FOI requests directly to Iron Mountain or if they always go through the government. Thank you!

Jack R-W

Iron Mountain is a private company, they are not bound by any freedom of information laws. You must always go through the government, because FOI laws only cover the government, in 99% of cases.