karen mcelroy

I dont understand how I can be any clearer, I have already filed a complaint last year, and they closed it, I want to know everything or anything they did to address my complaint. Is this too much? I thought the goal was to word it so that you covered every base and every word that may apply. Please correct me if I missed something. THank you very much for your help.

Jack R-W

The way you worded it is very strange. Here is a fixed version: “I request copies of all complaints made to the FCC about Verizon cell phones from 03/2016 to the date this request is processed. I also request all documents regarding FCC ticket number 1058431. I also request any MOUs/MOAs between the FCC and any of the following agencies: DEA, FBI, Pierce County (Washington), King County Sheriff’s Office (Washington), Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office (Washington), and the King County Prosecutor’s Office, the Harris Corporation, and Cellebrite.” In the future, you should proof read your requests to make sure that they make sense.

karen mcelroy

thank you so much. I appreciate your help.

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