Rich Jones Options A circular gear.

The CIA rejected one of my requests for all documents on an individual for being too broad:

I really just want to know everything they have on Michael Ruppert, but I guess I need to ask for more specific things.

What should I be asking for?

Thanks!, Rich

Jason Gulledge Options A circular gear.

You could start by narrowing the years you ask them to search. I know this isn’t ideal, but if you narrow it down and they give you responsive documents, you can submit a follow-up for later years.

You could start with 1995 - 2000, just spanning 5 years. That seems like a reasonable request.

dale osborn Options A circular gear.

It is not too broad. They are trying to get you to ask for his ‘file’ but they keep a lot of stuff outside the file. I’m not sure who is responsible for enforcing foia but you should follow up with them.

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